Australia and Japan began FTA negotiations in April 2007 after clearing a joint feasibility study (and signing a joint plan for military cooperation). As of April 2012, 15 rounds of talks had been held.

The deal is supposed to be a comprehensive one, but there are serious differences over agriculture, automobiles and energy. Japan has been trying to exclude sensitive farm products — including beef, sugar, dairy, wheat and barley — from the scope of the deal to protect its farmers. Australia, however, wants the preferential market access for farm products beyond what was agreed at WTO. Meanwhile, Japanese farmers and consumers, with full support from groups in Australia, have been mobilising to ensure that any Japan-Australia FTA provides safeguards against GM foods, particularly canola and beef. In effect, since 2007 Australia states have been reneging on their previous GM-free policies and Japanese consumers rely on few sources for GM-free foods like canola oil. Many analysts have viewed the conclusion of this deal as a prerequisite for Japan to enter into Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

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  • 15-Jan-2015 Prime ministers spruik benefits of Japan-Australia free trade agreement
    Australia has become the first major agricultural nation to implement a free trade agreement with Japan (JAEPA) after seven years of negotiation.
  • 9-Nov-2014 Jiji Press Diet gives final OK on Australian trade pact
    The trade deal could take effect in early 2015, sources say, boosting Australian beef, cheese and wine exports to Japan
  • 8-Jul-2014 AAP FTA opens up Japan’s $5 trillion market
    The financial services industry appears to be a winner under the landmark free trade agreement negotiated between the Abbott government and Japan.
  • 7-Jul-2014 The Guardian Tony Abbott confirms Australia and Japan will sign free trade agreement
    PM says deal will be formalised during Shinzo Abe’s visit – but Labor calls for more scrutiny of the costs and benefits
  • 21-Apr-2014 The West Australian Mitsui takes on grain big guns
    Mitsui Australia chairman Yasushi Takahashi was a key participant in talks and events in this month’s free-trade agreement between Tokyo and Canberra.
  • 8-Apr-2014 ISDS: The trap the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement escaped
    So straightforward was Australia’s first trade deal with Japan that the Japanese thought it was a trick.
  • 8-Apr-2014 Rice growers slam Japan FTA
    Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia President Les Gordon has slammed Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s landmark free trade agreement with Japan as a deal that punishes and ignores ricegrowers.
  • 8-Apr-2014 Few free trade favours from Fortress Japan
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Trade Minister Andrew Robb have hailed the freshly inked free trade agreement with Japan as “historic”. Yes, it is historic in a sense that it is a repeat of the much criticised 2004 free trade agreement with the United States that provide very limited commercial benefits to Australian farmers.
  • 7-Apr-2014 Japan FTA tipped for July
    One of Japan’s most influential corporate leaders says he expects Australia and Japan will conclude a free-trade agreement in July.
  • 6-Apr-2014 Concern Australia could get mauled by Japan free trade clause
    Japanese companies would be able to sue Australian governments under clauses expected to be included in the Australia-Japan free trade agreement.
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