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 Who we are
The groups that jointly initiated this website in September 2004 are:

- Asia-Pacific Research Network
- GATT Watchdog New Zealand (
- Global Justice Ecology Project
- IBON Foundation
- XminusY

Since then, a small group of people informally help with the maintenance, content and administration of the site on a day to day level. They are associated with many different organisations and initiatives in different parts of the world, such as Acción por la Biodiversidad, Global Justice Ecology Project, GRAIN, Indonesia Global Justice, etc. Others help out occasionally with translations, compiling materials for the site, writing the introductions to different pages, designing specific materials, etc. Most of this work is done on a volunteer or solidarity basis.

Financial support for operational costs has come from several different sources. If you wish to support the site, please contact us at

last update: November 2014