Social movements


  • Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos (TPP) México
    El TPP México tiene como finalidad visibilizar la situación de violencia estructural imperante vivida en México a raíz de la firma de numerosos tratados del libre comercio, e intentar desnudar los mecanismos de simulación y desvío de poder que sistemáticamente ejerce el Estado mexicano para mantener en pie dicha política económica.
  • TTIP Demo
    Website of the mass mobilisation in Berlin against TTIP and CETA on 10 October 2015
  • TTIP game over
    Where civil disobedience and creativity meet to stop TTIP, CETA and all free trade deals (EN, FR, NL)
  • TTIP Information Network Ireland
    Website of the Irish coalition against TTIP
  • TTIP Leaks
    Greenpeace Netherlands has released secret EU-US #TTIP negotiations. You should have access to these texts, because democracy needs transparency! TTIP poses a great threat to the environment and food safety. #TTIPleaks
  • TTIP or not
    TTIPOrNot is an independent citizens’ initiative whose main objective is to encourage everyone to stand up against the TTIP by signing the petition.
  • TTIP Stoppen
    Austrian campaign website
  • TTIP unfairhandelbar
    TTIP - No Thanks! A coalition of German NGOs active in the field of agriculture, environment, development and trade policy was launched to critically monitor the negotiations between the EU Commission and the US government.
  • TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs
    Tracking the twists and turns of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and spelling out what it really means
  • TTIP-info-verkosto
    Finnish TTIP-info network
  • TTIP-Netværket
    Danish anti-TTIP network
  • TTIP: Beware what lies beneath
    This site is an initiative of the Green/EFA Group of the European Parliament, a platform for concerned stakeholders to discuss the current state of the negotiations and what they could mean for citizens and democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Universidad contral el TLC
    Un nuevo blog costarricense
  • is a Finnish site focused on free trade issues, especially big free trade agreements, as TTIP, TiSA and CETA.
  • VoiceofPeople
    The VoiceofPeople is a progressive internet press outfit in Korea covering the FTA struggle.
  • We won’t give up Rosia Montana!
    Romania’s new government wants to give the green light to the Rosia Montana gold mine in return for a deal with Gabriel Resources dropping its ISDS arbitration case against the government.​ Take action now!
  • WikiLeaks on TiSA
    Leaks and analyses of the Trade in Services Agreement. Maintained by WikiLeaks.
  • Yo Firmo
    Sitio de la Campaña YO FIRMO 2008, en Costa Rica, para consultar los proyectos UPOV
  • Youtube > TTIP
    Quick link to videos about TTIP and the people’s fight against it on Youtube
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