Social movements


  • CISPES: Campaign against CAFTA/FTAA
    CISPES is a US-based Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
  • Citizens Trade Campaign - Bilateral Agreements
    The Citizens Trade Campaign is a US coalition of environmental, labor, consumer, family farm, religious, and other civil society groups founded in 1992 during the fight over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images
    The Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images (CDMI) is a non-governmental organization based in Seoul, Korea, striving to protect global cultural diversity and local movie industries. Since it was launched in 1993 to effectively enforce the screen quota system, we’ve been acting as the watchdog for the Korean movie industry and we are currently working to protect the sovereignty of Korean media culture as well as cultural diversity.
  • Comités Patrióticos
    Información actualizada del movimiento social en Costa Rica
  • Con Costa Rica
    Marcha virtual por la victoria del NO en el Referendum por el TLC
  • Consejo de Investigaciones e Información en Desarrollo -CIID -
    Institución que impulsa el desarrollo de Guatemala y Centroamérica, a través de la investigación y la promoción de programas de desarrollo
  • Contestation sud-coréenne
    Sur ce blog vous trouverez explications, actualités, photos et vidéos du mouvement de contestation en Corée du Sud contre l’importation de bœuf américain et pour la destitution du président Lee Myong Bak.
  • Costa Rica Solidaria - NO al TLC
    Esta semana lo más relevante de nuestra lucha
  • Critiquing regionalism
    RegionsWatch was set up in February 2004 to "monitor work of regional organisations; raise awareness of other regionalisms; provide constructive & progressive critiques of global regional integration initiatives". This blog will seek to continue the work that was being done in RegionsWatch’s Observatory.
  • CUJ - FTA page
    Anti-FTA campaign page of Consumers Union of Japan
  • Cumbre Social por la Integración de los Pueblos
    Cumbre Social por la Integración de los Pueblos (Cochabamba, 6 al 9 de diciembre de 2006)
  • CUPE
    Canadian Union of Public Employees’s trade webpage
  • De pie, Costa Rica de pie!!!
    Publicación del Partido Frente Amplio para informar sobre la resistencia al TLC en Costa Rica
  • Don’t trade our lives away
    DNP+ and MSF Access Campaign India have set up a blog about the ongoing negotiations of a number of multi- and bilateral free trade agreements, which harm the access to essential medicines.
  • DR-CAFTA Tratado de Libre Comercio de las Américas
    Temas relevantes acerca del tratado de libre comercio, República Dominicana, Centroamérica y Estados Unidos.
  • Ecuador contra el TLC - Movilizaciones de Marzo 2006
  • Ecuador Decide
    Support website for the people’s referendum in Ecuador on the so-called US-Andean FTA. In Spanish.
  • Education and TTIP
    Dedicated policy page on TTIP and public eduction maintained by the European Association for the Education of Adults
  • El ALBA de los Movimientos Sociales
  • El Pregó
    El Pregó es un medio alternativo integral, localizado en Costa Rica e informando para el mundo entero.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: FTAA and bilateral FTA resources
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is studying the copyright provisions related to information technology of free trade agreements (e.g. US-Chile, US-Singapore)
  • Enlanzando alternativas
  • EPHA news feed on TTIP
    European Public Health Alliance news feed on the prospective EU-US Trade Agreement (TTIP) & its potential impact on public health - Subscribe!!
  • Erstes TTIP Leak
    des deutschsprachigen TTIP Mandats für die Geheimverhandlungen zwischen EU und USA
  • Es hora de hablar
    Sitio de la campaña mediática de la sociedad civil frente al tratado de libre comercio entre Centroamérica, República Dominicana y Estados Unidos.
  • EU-CAN Alliance on Access to Medicines
    HAI (Health Action International) Europe and HAI Latin America have formed an alliance to monitor and lobby negotiations on Association Agreements between the EU and the countries of the Andean region on Intellectual Property Rights demanded by the EU which are likely to have a negative effect on Access to Essential Medicines.
    Website dedicated to enlarging the public debate on the EU’s controversial policies for investment protections and investor-to-state dispute settlement systems (ISDS) in the EU-US and EU-Canada trade negotiations.
  • Expose the TPP
    The TPP would expand and lock in corporate power. At the heart of the TPP are new rights allowing thousands of multinational corporations to sue the U.S. government before a panel of three corporate lawyers who can award unlimited sums to be paid by America’s taxpayers. Only six of its 30 chapters actually cover “trade.”
  • FairTradeWeb
    A broad multisectoral coalition of formal and informal labor, industry, agriculture, NGOs and youth pushing for the renegotiation of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
  • Flush the TPP!
    Stop the global corporate coup!
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