CETA may open up Europe to GMO potatoes

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Fresh Plaza | 17 February 2017

CETA may open up Europe to GMO potatoes

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), if enacted could change many areas of trade between Canada and Europe. One of these changes could lead to Europe allowing GMO potatoes from Canada.

Now, the Canadian Press reports, "Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have approved a genetically engineered potato for sale, said a U.S.-based company on [March 21] in announcing that its non-browning spuds could be in Canadian supermarkets by Thanksgiving.

The article highlights, "The potatoes could be grown in Canada this season and be in stores by the fall." If these potatoes grow in popularity Canadian growers will seek to export them to the European market.

Global Affairs notes, "CETA will enhance the existing Canada-EU forum for discussion on biotechnology and emphasizes the promotion of efficient science-based approval processes and cooperation on a low-level presence of genetically modified crops."

With CETA in place, some believe the Canadian government could argue that European regulations on genetically modified foods are a non-tariff barrier that should be "resolved" as Canada allows GMO foods to go unlabeled.

source: Fresh Plaza

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  • CETA may open up Europe to GMO potatoes27-February-2017 | Bauwens Julien

    Clearly safeguarded? No. First because of the negative list, which means they accorded on ’’all but...’’. So technically they accorded on GMO potatoes, because the precaution principle is only mentionned without restrictive effect. Second, the ’’Right to legislate’’ (Thanks the corporates for offering our countries such a benediction!) on the consummer protection, environment and so on is once again only mentionned without any restriction. It has less value than the ’’corporate and investor protection system’’, which is highly restrictive. There are tons of examples. And please, stop making this stupid amalgam with Trump, he used this arguments because ALENA was a disaster FOR PEOPLE, and unfortunately it worked. But most of us were more Sanders supporters if you want my opinion.

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  • CETA may open up Europe to GMO potatoes23-February-2017 | DIDIER Pierre

    Doomsday fears by merchants of angst: both signatories of CETA have clearly safeguarded their entire right to legislate domestically for the protection of consumers, environment, social values, human rights etc. In the EU there will never be any agreement by Commission, unanimity of member States and majority of European Parliament to decrease, abandon etc. any such protection. If ever an arbitration panel/court is set up, its competence will of course be limited by what the Parties have agreed to commit themselves. Please read the text of the CETA before spreading useless and ridiculous fears.
    Do not play in the hands of Trump !

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