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Morshed assumes BIMSTEC chair Dec 19: Dhaka wants early enforcement of FTA
Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan who formally assumes BIMSTEC chair with the holding of its ministerial meeting here on December 19 said Dhaka wants early enforcement of the FTA in goods in the BIMSTEC region, as production base in Bangladesh is gradually expanding.
Bangladesh signs APTA: Plan to reduce trade gap with neighbours
Bangladesh and four other countries signed Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) in China despite Bangladesh’s huge trade gap with neighbouring India.
Need for FTA between India, Bangladesh: High Commissioner
Underscoring the need for a Free Trade Agreement between India and Bangladesh, Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka Veena Sikri today said it was important to overcome a "negative" mindset to help boost trade between the two countries.
PM calls for FTA with Bangladesh
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz emphasizing that Pakistan and Bangladesh have a common heritage and enjoy a special and unique relationship said that we need to work towards free trade agreement.
D-8 sets target for final draft of PTA
D-8 region consisting of eight Muslim countries — Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey — has set the end of 2005 as the target for the finalisation of the last draft of the Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA).
WB study on FTA with India
India is keen on signing an FTA with Bangladesh as early as possible but Bangladesh has been rather sceptical about the outcome of such a deal because of the former’s alleged protectionist attitude. The findings of a World Bank (WB) study that were made available a couple of days back in Dhaka have, actually, confirmed Bangladesh’s worries.
FTA won’t be enough to narrow trade gap with India, say experts
A group of international experts said Saturday at a workshop that mere increase in volume of trade under the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) would not be enough to reduce the huge trade imbalance between Bangladesh and India.
FTA with India won’t benefit Bangladesh
Non-tariff barrier is a major impediment to cut the trade deficit with India, economists and academics observed yesterday at a workshop.
Dhaka again rejects Delhi’s FTA proposal
Bangladesh has once again outright rejected an Indian proposal for signing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with her, urging the counterpart to sign the proposed South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) for boosting the regional trade and commerce.
Dhaka-Islamabad economic ties
Unlike some other regions of the world, trade among the South Asian countries is meagre compared to their trade outside the region.
FTA with neighbours
The Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce has decided to engage consultants to conduct a study and identify benefits and possible risks of signing bilateral trade agreements like Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with neighbouring countries.
Bilateral Free Trade Agreement deal with neighbouring countries: consultants to point out benefits, risks
The Bangladesh commerce ministry is going to consultants to run a study to identify the benefits and possible risks of signing any bilateral trade agreement (FTA) with neighbouring countries.
Bangladesh to vet free trade pacts
Bangladesh has decided to appoint an international trade consultant to vet trade proposals with South Asian countries to ensure they are beneficial for Dhaka.
Bangladesh keen on free trade agreement
Bangladesh is keen to sign a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with India.
Longing for modest gains from SAFTA
Much though economic integration is desirable, the SAARC nations will first have to create a politically harmonious subcontinent, and that is a formidable task. The ball is now in India’s court. It must take frantic efforts to wipe out elements of mistrust, shun big brotherly attitude and help restore confidence among its neighbours.
India proposes FTA with Bangladesh
India has proposed Free Trade Agreement with Bangladesh according transit rights for Indian goods through Bangladesh territory.
Bilateral agreement on trade likely today: Iran to recruit docs, engineers
Iran is likely to offer Bangladeshi doctors, engineers and professionals jobs in their country. Iran has already prepared a list of 150 exportable products of Bangladesh, which it will import through negotiations.
Malaysia agrees to examine Bangladesh’s plea for reducing trade gap
Malaysia has agreed to examine Bangladesh’s cause of reducing trade imbalance heavily tilted towards Kuala Lumpur as the first day of official level talks of the two-day Joint Commission meeting concluded here yesterday.
Dhaka, KL Jt body meets today: FTA, duty-free access for 19 goods on agenda
The 3rd Bangladesh-Malaysia Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) begins here today (Monday) after a hiatus of over 10 years to explore intensified cooperation in potential sectors of trade, investment and manpower.
Bangladesh to propose FTA with Malaysia
Bangladesh will propose a Free Trade Agreement with Malaysia in Bangladesh-Malaysia Joint Commission meeting to be held on June 6-7, after a break of 10 years.