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Pakistan, Canada to further enhance trade potentials
Pakistan and Canada said they may soon start talks on a Free Trade Agreement.
Ottawa urged to make bilateral and regional free trade agreements a priority
A coalition of Canadian agricultural commodity groups and companies is encouraging the federal government to put a higher priority on the establishment of bilateral and regional free trade agreements.
Ambassador describes DR-Canada free trade scenario
Dominican Republic can favorably negotiate the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that has been outlined with Canada, as long as the official and private sector representatives define a good negotiating strategy on time.
Korea wants rice out of FTA
Improving the quality of locally grown agricultural products will be a key government goal this year as more imports are expected to be sold on the South Korean market, the country’s agriculture minister said Monday.
Obhrai wants free trade pact
Indo-Canadian MP Deepak Obhrai, newly named parliamentary secretary to the minister of foreign affairs, has said he will push for a free trade agreement between India and Canada.
Canada’s hidden free-trade deal
In Central America, the CAFTA debate led to massive protests. Meanwhile, here in Canada, our government is quietly negotiating much the same sort of agreement which calls for the free flow of investment and presumably the removal of tariffs and agricultural safeguards.
Canada-China Investment Protection Agreement - A significant stepping stone to deeper economic co-operation
The pieces of the Canada-China economic puzzle are starting to come together and the picture that emerges reveals a slowly developing but inevitably closer economic relationship between these two economies.v
Canadian and Japanese Business Leaders Meet to Advance Bilateral and Global Trade and Investment Talks
Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE)/Nippon Keidanren Joint Statement
Dominican Republic and Canada to begin free trade agreement
The leaders of the Dominican Republic and Canada have agreed to begin negotiations for a free trade agreement between their nations, the Dominican government said Sunday.
S. Korea, Canada to hold second round of free trade talks
South Korea and Canada will begin their second round of formal talks on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) on Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Monday.
The fleeting charm of free trade
The signs are scattered and tentative. But it’s beginning to look as if American-style free trade is going out of style.
Canada seeks quicker FTA progress
Canadian and Korean government officials are turning up the heat on ongoing bilateral talks aimed at concluding a free trade agreement.
US bilateral free trade accords: Why Canada should be cautious about going the same route
Canada should focus on improving its access to the US market rather than trying to complete a host of FTA negotiations that are unlikely to result in large payoffs - despite the fact that the United States and many other countries are doing so.
United States tears up free-trade rule book
The United States, such a paragon and champion of free trade when it comes to exporting its own products and services, evidently considers itself free unilaterally to ignore the rules when the umpire comes down against it.
US poised for trade war
Washington says it has no plans to obey a NAFTA ruling that compels the United States to refund an estimated $5-billion in illegally collected duties to Canadian lumber producers — setting up a potential trade war that experts say could threaten the future of the North American trading bloc.
Canada moving closer to free trade deal with South Korea: minister
Canada is close to launching formal free-trade negotiations with South Korea as part of the federal government’s efforts to gain a firmer - and more lucrative - foothold in the massive and booming Asian region.
Korea, Canada agree to launch FTA talks
South Korea has agreed to launch free trade agreement negotiations with Canada this month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Friday.
Beef holds up Korean-Canadian FTA
Canada and Korea have enjoyed decades of positive bilateral relations and the future looks bright except for one major obstacle - beef - that is holding back negotiations for a free trade agreement between the countries.
Will CAFTA be a boon to farmers and the food industry? NAFTA’s failed promises are doomed to be repeated
Promoters of the proposed Dominican Republic/Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) have asserted that it will provide significant benefits to the U.S. economy, especially to the agricultural sector. Similar promises were made in the debate on the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992 and 1993. However, since that time NAFTA has failed to live up to these promises, and similar promises made for CAFTA are even less likely to be fulfilled.
Korea, Canada agree to launch FTA talks this year
Korea will start free trade agreement negotiations with Canada within this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Wednesday.