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Economic Community Of West African States

EU’s EPA strategy detrimental to Africa – ECOWAS farmers
The Economic Community of West Africa States ECOWAS,’ farmers have called on African leaders to resist the pressure being put on them by the European Union to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement.
Comments after the INTA Committee’s debate on Ghana’s interim EPA
On October 13, 2016 the INTA Committee of the European Parliament debated Ghana’s interim EPA (iEPA), with the participation of Ms Hannah Tetteh, Ghana’s Minister of foreign affairs.
EU threatens to stop market access for Nigerian products over EPA
The European Union may terminate the Temporary Free Market Access it granted Nigeria to export products to the EU due to Nigeria’s failure to sign the ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, reports Financial Vanguard
GSP+ is by far a much better option for Ghana than implementing its interim EPA
Asking to the EU the benefit of GSP+ would be by far a much better option than implementing its interim EPA it has already ratified.
NACCIMA opposes signing of West Africa-EU agreement
Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture has urged the Federal Government to refrain from signing the West Africa-EU Economic Partnership Agreement
EU to kick-start EPA in 13 West African countries despite Nigeria’s resentment
EU’s Deputy Head of Delegation noted that the EU will not hesitate to withdraw the free access to European market enjoyed by the resenting countries: Nigeria, the Gambia and Mauritania.
Revision of the tariffs losses of West Africa in case of a regional EPA: 2020-50
After the Brexit vote, Jacques Berthelot updates the value of imports and losses of import duties of West Africa in case of ratification and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU28 minus the UK
Ignore European Union, don’t sign EPA, group tells Nigerian government
Social Action has asked the federal government to not to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union. Ghana and Ivory Coast have also resisted the EPA
Nigeria to lose $1.3trn by 2026 to EPA arrangement – Report
A report authored by Social Action, a social development organisation, indicates that Nigeria stands to loose up to $1.3 trillion in forms of customs duties, taxation and other revenue sources throughout the 10 year implementation period of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Ghana’s thoughtless ratification of the interim EPA, based on false data
In ratifying the EU-Ghana interim EPA on 3 August 2016, the Ghanean Parliament has shot itself in the foot. Analysis by Jacques Berthelot.
Third World Network slams ratification of EPA by parliament
The Third World Network has slammed the haste with which parliament debated and approved the Economic Partnership Agreement between Ghana (as a member of ECOWAS) and the European Union.
Ghana’s Parliament ratifies EPA with EU
Ghana’s parliament has ratified the Economic Partnership Agreement between government and the European Union amidst divided opinions
Will an Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU make Nigeria any better?
Any attempt to encourage cheap EU imports will not only retard local production, it may also be counter-productive to the country’s industrialisation plans.
Thousands of industrial jobs for the chop if Ghana signs EPA
The agreement enjoins member states to open up 70 percent of their markets to European goods over a period, prompting fears nascent companies may collapse since most European goods are of high quality and a lot cheaper than local goods.
EU woos Nigeria with N1.4tn EPA offer
The European Union has asked Nigeria to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement with attractive offers including a €6.5bn (about N1.4tn) Development Programme.
The West Africa-EU Economic Partnership Agreement is absurd
This is a way of thinking as absurd as that consisting for a poultry producer to open the henhouse gate to allow the fox to test the poultry resistance capacity.
The EPA would liberalize the majority of EU agricultural exports to West Africa
This document is limited to assessing the importance of the liberalization of agricultural imports in the EU-West Africa (WA) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) given the crucial nature of these products for WA.
Perpetuating the interim EPAs of Ivory Coast and Ghana would be meaningless
There is a rumour that, if Nigeria’s stance not to sign the regional EPA is definitive so that the EPA would be buried, DG trade is contemplating to perpetuate the interim EPAs of Ivory Coast and Ghana provided they would formally sign them.
Four impact studies of the West Africa EPA that the EU Commission does not want you to see has received four impact studies concerning the EU-West Africa EPA and requested Jacques Berthelot to provide a comment on them.
EU African EPAs in limbo
The EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements with sub-Saharan countries inked a few years ago are not getting off the ground as African governments don’t like their EU-inspired rules on raw materials policies.