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Dominican Republic warned about lawsuit
Foreign energy investors said on Friday that they warned the Dominican Republic it had to mend its crippled power sector months before filing a US$680 million (euro510 million) lawsuit against the country for lost electricity revenue.
Japan eyes energy in FTA with Australia
Japanese Trade Minister Akira Amari wants an energy clause included in the free-trade agreement being worked out with Australia to ensure a stable supply of energy to Japan
FTAs ’threaten Gulf economic security’
The economic security of the Gulf could be threatened by signing free trade agreements (FTAs), some experts said yesterday.
An open letter to US Congress from the Colombian Oil Workers Union regarding the FTA
Our organization, the Colombian Oil Workers Union (USO), knows of your interest regarding the Colombian government’s record on human, labor and union rights within the framework of current discussions about a Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States. We wish to inform you that our Colombian Oil Workers Union (USO), an affiliate of our national labor federation CUT, has been the constant target of government attacks which we summarize below.
Pak-Malaysia free trade talks hit snags
The ongoing dialogue between Pakistan and Malaysia on a free trade agreement (FTA) has hit snags as the main stakeholders in the country strongly oppose the proposed 20 per cent cut in tariff on the import of palm oil as demanded by Malaysia.
UAE weights price of trade pact with US
The United Arab Emirates is mulling whether to make political concessions to the United States in a free trade pact that has eluded both countries for nearly two years.
US asked to suspend free trade talks with Malaysia over Iran deal
A key US lawmaker on Wednesday called on the administration of President George W Bush to suspend free trade talks with Malaysia in protest over its mega energy deal with Iran.
China vs Japan: FTAs, oil and Taiwan
China and Japan are locked in a rivalry over at least three flashpoints: Free trade agreements, particularly in the region; oil energy; and Taiwan.
In Colombia, free trade means murder and migration
If ratified by Congress, the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which President Bush and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe signed in mid-November, could lead to more hydropower and mining projects in Colombia — and more displacement and violence.
UAE free trade agreement with US at risk
Free trade negotiations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States is at risk of unraveling if an agreement can not be reached next month, UAE government officials said Monday. US oil and gas exploration and development companies stand to lose billions if the Bush administration cannot work it out in time.
Japan reaches free trade agreement with Brunei
Japan has agreed with Brunei in principle to liberalize bilateral trade, seeking to secure a stable energy supply from the resource-rich Southeast Asian country, the Japanese government said Thursday.
Slow starter Japan revs up FTA drive
Japan is revving up its drive toward free-trade agreements (FTAs), a move largely fueled by an intensifying rivalry with China over leadership in regional economic integration and increasingly tough global competition for oil, gas and other resources.
Now oil-rich Libya to join Comesa FTA
Libya is to become the second North African country after Egypt to join the Free Trade Area of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa). The implication is that exports from this oil-rich country will now have duty-free access to 13 other Comesa member-states that have so far signed on to the Free Trade Area arrangement.
Japan urges Indonesia to guarantee supply of liquefied gas under EPA
The Japanese government urged that guarantee for supplying Indonesia’s liquefied natural gas to Japan be attached to the economic partnership agreement (EPA) between both countries. However, the Indonesian government has not complied with this request.
Gulf: take oil, open financial sector
The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has asked India to push through financial sector reforms and in return offered its huge oil and gas reserves to meet the country’s energy needs.
Japan gets serious about trade deal
When the idea of a free trade agreement with Japan was floated four years ago, there was not much enthusiasm in Tokyo.
Japan, GCC states to meet by the year-end to push FTA talks
Energy-poor Japan and the GCC states are expected to meet again in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year for a second round on negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in a bid to secure stable fuel supplies.
Indo-Gulf free trade plan hits a petrochem block
The proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has hit a roadblock with the Indian industry, especially the petrochemical sector, opposing the agreement.
Ecuador Prez: No Oxy arbitration
Ecuadorian President Alfredo Palacio has rejected arbitration against his nation for annulling in May the contract with US Oxy oil company that operated there.
Mercosur plans to return to dialogue with the GCC in September
The Mercosur wants to return to free trade treaty talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in September, after the holiday period in the Arab world and before Ramadan, the holy month that this year should begin around September 22. The idea is to organize a meeting between representatives of both blocs in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.