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Italy’s farmers ’demonizing’ Canadian wheat in bid to protect domestic industry
Mobilized by the largest agricultural organization in Europe, the farmers converged to turn up the heat on Italian politicians faced with ratifying the controversial Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA.
E-commerce, border technology top NAFTA wish list
U.S. flooded wth comments ahead of renegotiation of trade deal.
The little deal that could: Canada & the E.U. ink the biggest global trade-deal in two decades
After seven long years of negotiation fraught with controversy, the two trade blocks have cemented the ‘Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement’ – aka. CETA.
Du bœuf canadien irradié bientôt dans nos assiettes ?
Avec la validation du CETA, les consommateurs européens vont-ils à l’avenir trouver du bœuf canadien irradié dans les rayons des supermarchés ou leurs assiettes ?
Brussels ‘will block’ GM food from Britain
Last month the UK government approved field trials of GM wheat and is expected to give the go-ahead to trials of a potato genetically modified to be resistant to blight
EU-Indonesia FTA - draft sanitary and phytosanitary measures chapter (December 2016)
As published by the European Commission
Trump has one big idea to fix America’s trade deals. It’s not very good.
If governments turn out to be absolutely desperate to sign FTAs with the US they won’t have much choice but to deal with an administration whose motto is “America first”, which may mean learning to love all our genetically modified produce, among other concessions.
Is chlorinated chicken about to hit our shelves after new US trade deal?
Consumers could be exposed to American farming practices banned by the EU.
EU-Mexico FTA - EU text proposals (November 2016)
As published by the European Commission
New endocrine disruptor rules address your trade concerns, EU tells US, Canada
The European Commission told the US and Canada that draft EU pesticides laws would “address the concerns” they had over possible trade restrictions on goods exposed to endocrine disruptors.
How will Trump’s presidency affect the global food industry?
The election of Trump could well have significant long-term implications for global food security and efforts to tackle climate change.
India to US: Will not tighten IPR rules beyond TRIPS mandate
India and the US continued to differ on the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR) norms in their bilateral trade and investment policy discussions
US unhappy over lack of progress on pork imports
The US has expressed disappointment with a lack of progress on issues related to US pork imports to Taiwan in the latest round of talks under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.
Brazil wants free trade within MERCOSUR
The Brazilian government has discussed measures to eliminate internal obstacles and make free trade possible between member countries of the Southern Common Market.
New rules to regulate Europe’s hormone-disrupting chemicals
European commission launches world’s first system for classifying and banning endocrine disruptors against a barrage of criticism
TTIP talks bogged down in food standards debate
Seemingly insurmountable differences in food standards are threatening to sink trade negotiations between the United States and the European Union.
Five key takeaways from the TTIP leak for food and farming systems
The leaked TTIP text provides important insights into the direction of the trade talks, and raises alarm bells for advocates of fair and sustainable food and farming systems.
CETA could mean GM salmon exports to Europe
The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) could mean that genetically modified salmon will be sold as food to Europeans.
Livestock carcass washing rules remain a Canada-EU irritant despite CETA
A dispute over the way Canadian slaughter plants wash beef and pork carcasses could prevent Canadian beef and pork producers from taking advantage of new market access granted under the pending Canada-Europe trade agreement.
CETA deal will open up new markets for Canadian beef
But that meat must be produced according to EU standards, 
which stipulate no growth hormones.