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USTR sees FTA with PH first step in As-Pac strategy
The US Trade Representative (USTR) has looked that having a free trade agreement with the Philippines is a reasonable first step in their strategy in the Asia Pacific region.
Trump says could ’hold up’ Korea trade deal for N.K. issue
US President Donald Trump threatened to "hold up" a renegotiated free trade agreement with South Korea until he gets the results he wants with North Korea.
Xi Jinping’s pet Belt and Road Initiative could be sticking point in India-China ties, say experts
Xi Jinping’s pet Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) can pose a "major challenge" in resetting China’s ties with India, says analysts, days after the Chinese parliament backed his plan to rule indefinitely amid Sino-India rapprochement following the Dokalam standoff.
China expanding its military, political influence in Latin America
New report has warned that Beijing is likely to increase its power through military and political means.
Japan and Norway: Elevated economic, geopolitical and gender equality cooperation on the horizon
Bilateral ties between Tokyo and Oslo are set to converge, with multiple areas for cooperation.
Sri Lanka seeks deeper ties, free trade agreement with China
Sri Lanka wants a longer-time period to negotiate a free trade agreement with China as it is concerned about the economic impact of a rushed deal on their small country, the Sri Lankan ambassador said.
Free trade – not turf rows – tipped to top China, Japan, South Korea summit agenda
The leaders of three of Asia’s biggest economies will aim to advance a free-trade agreement and economic cooperation, putting territorial rows and military tensions aside at an expected trilateral summit in April, Chinese diplomatic observers said.
EU-Japan partnership agreements herald new era of closer cooperation
The intensification of negotiations between the EU and Japan came in response to broader geopolitical developments such as the rise of China, Trump, and Brexit.
OBOR’s connect deters US-India hegemony
The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on regional trade integration should also be seen in light of trade agreements such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
Rescued TPP trade deal about more than economics
Its resurrection represents a critical step towards building a trading system in which Washington’s abandonment of the region doesn’t immediately fall uncontested into China’s hands.
In the economic power struggle for Asia, Trump and Xi Jinping are switching policies
Donald Trump is flexing the United States’ economic muscle in East Asia by introducing a web of new-generation bilateral trade deals to contain China’s challenge. But Beijing is fighting back by political means.
China’s ’New Silk Road’ goes straight through the Caucasus
With its New Silk Road mega-project, China is building on old traditions. But hard-core geostrategic interests, not nostalgia, are guiding Beijing’s investments. Miodrag Soric reports from Tbilisi, Georgia.
Delhi, Male set to reboot bilateral ties
Maldivian Foreign Minister’s visit signals possible thaw in ties strained over FTA with China.
Proxy wars of the Asian economic power houses
Both and Japan are pursuing their own initiatives to call shots in Asia, which may have ramifications for businesses and economies in the Mena region.
Why is the FTA between China and Maldives important to India?
Now that the agreement has been signed between China and Maldives, India has said it expected the Indian Ocean archipelago nation to be sensitive to New Delhi’s concerns.
Taiwan eyes ’important role’ in alternative Asian sphere of influence
Mainland affairs minister intrigued by Trump references to ’Indo-Pacific’.
What Armenia’s new agreement with the EU means
At the fifth Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, Armenia and the European Union signed a new framework agreement, dubbed the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.
China trumps India yet again over Maldives; gains geopolitical influence with trade deal
In November 2016, the Maldives said that it would sign its first free trade agreement soon, ostensibly with India. A year later, the island country has indeed signed its first FTA, but with China.
A Belt and Road for the Americas?
As Canada, Mexico, and the United States focus on the next round of negotiations on NAFTA, governments in the rest of the Americas are grappling with a more fundamental question about trade. Who will be their dominant trade partner in the future: the US, Europe, or China?
Australia emphasises relationship with NZ in trade plans
Australia has reiterated the importance of New Zealand to its foreign policy direction with particular emphasis on the role it sees New Zealand playing in its economic engagement with Pacific island countries.