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City may seek trade deal exemption
Saskatoon should request an exemption to a large-scale free-trade agreement being negotiated between Canada and Europe, a Saskatoon city committee agreed.
US to fight cyber wars with free trade
Selling Aussie technology to the US military just got easier.
EU urges China to open public-contract market
The European Union is hoping to use next week’s summit with China (25 October) to press the Chinese authorities on obstacles facing European investors and to discuss access for European bidders to China’s public-procurement market.
Procurement a sticking point in FTA talks
India has convinced both New Zealand and Australia not to include the subject in the ongoing negotiations
The alarmingly uneven deal of the India-EU FTA
For over four years now, India has been negotiating a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) - the largest trade and investment deal the country has ever embarked on. As much as New Delhi expects to lure the European market and investments closer to India, the actual consequences for the country’s economy could be dire: the open up of public procurement, the deregulation of the banking, automobile, retail and mining industries plus the adverse impact the deal will have in small-scale farmers make of this FTA a counter-productive undertaking.
Trade deal a gamble for municipalities
Last weekend, municipal councillors from across Canada met in Halifax for the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention. On the agenda were infrastructure renewal, how to best deliver social services, and how cities should confront climate change. But if you were following the FCM’s Twitter hashtag Saturday morning, you’ll have seen that trade was perhaps the most controversial topic of discussion, namely the Canada-EU free trade agreement.
Provinces hold key to next stage of EU-Canada trade talks
Free-trade talks between Canada and the European Union will enter a crucial phase early next year, when the provinces will be asked to clarify where they stand on opening their procurement contracts to foreign bidders — a potential dealbreaker for the Europeans.
NFU against EU trade proposal
The National Farmers Union is raising alarm bells over a proposed trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.
Canada introduces bill to enact Panama free trade agreement
The trade agreement will give Canadian companies access to the government procurement market in the Central American country, including the expansion of the Panama Canal, Van Loan said at the time.
India to keep EU, Japan out of govt procurement
India is not likely to entertain requests for opening government procurement in its FTA negotiations with EU and Japan respectively.
EU/India: Commission in new free trade push with New Delhi
Following the conclusion of an FTA with South Korea, the European Commission’s Chief Negotiator, Ignacio Garcia Bercero, has stepped up efforts to reinvigorate the trade negotiations with India. However, two key contentious issues are standing in the way of further progress, namely tariff liberalisation and public procurement.
US-Malaysia: One hitch may be taken off FTA talks
One obstacle in US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement talks may be taken off the table following high-powered discussions on government procurement between the two trade partners.
India, Japan to start fresh talks on 29 September
India and Japan will start a fresh round of talks on a free trade agreement on 29 September after discussions in January remained inconclusive because the countries failed to find common ground on a few contentious issues.
EU wants pact to include govt procurement
Ahead of the next round of talks on a bilateral trade treaty with India, the European Union today said it was keen that the comprehensive pact included government procurement agreement, which India has resisted so far.
Are EU trade talks behind the pressure to end local procurement?
European corporations and the EU have made clear their top objective is access to procurement within provincial jurisdiction.
Canada interested in new US free trade deal
Canada is interested in a free trade deal with the United States that would open up local government procurements to both countries. The interest comes as Canadian companies continue to report difficulties in winning government contracts in US cities because of "Buy American" provisions in President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill.
Msia-US FTA: ‘We’re open to non-binding talks’
Malaysia has moved one step forward in the US-Malaysia free trade agreement (FTA) talks, specifically on the issue of government procurement.
Government procurement provisions in the CARIFORUM EPA and lessons for other ACP states
This paper on government procurement and EPAs written by Stephen Woolcock from LSE recommends that ACP countries first open their procurement markets on a regional basis, before making commitments to the EU.
Malaysia urges US to drop contentious issues from free trade talks
Malaysia urged the United States on Wednesday to drop contentious issues from their free trade talks so that a deal can be forged.
International trade tribunals seen trumping state laws
States around the US are growing increasingly worried about the threats posed to their laws and regulations by the secret tribunals that resolve disputes in international trade. "Free trade agreements are to state sovereignty and economic development what global climate change is to the environment and natural resources," said state Sen. Virginia Lyons, D-Chittenden.