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Smaller auto component firms threatened by Asian FTAs: KPMG report
Smaller and indigenous automotive and component companies may find themselves at a disadvantage due to the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) being put into place across Asia, says a report released by KPMG.
Auto sector wary of Bimstec FTA
The domestic auto industry has asked the government to include completely-built units of all four-wheelers (including buses, trucks, MUVs and passenger cars) and two-wheelers (up to 250 cc) in the negative list for the free trade agreement (FTA) with the Bimstec regional block.
India and Australia move closer to a free trade agreement
Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath and Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile have indicated that both the countries would beign discussions on a trade and economic framework, leading to possible free trade agreement (FTA).
India: MTR drafts strategy for FTA with ASEAN
The Mid Term Review of the Tenth five year plan has argued that India should push for free trade areas with various regional groupings and suggested that the country reduce its Most Favoured Nation tariffs to a "very low level" in preparation for the FTA with ASEAN.
’High time we signed RTAs’
Commerce and industry minister Kamal Nath has said that India is specifically looking at regional trading agreements (RTA) to boost its trade. "Without such agreements India faces the risk of being isolated globally. India must engage in trade on a regional basis", he said.
Free trade fears
China’s proposal for a free trade agreement with India meets with resistance from Indian industry.
’India under cheap textile imports threat’
Though the end of the quota regime has made India a much sought-after destination in the textile sector, the industry here is reeling under fears of cheap imports from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
’India under cheap textile imports threat’
Though the end of the quota regime has made India a much sought-after destination in the textile sector, the industry here is reeling under fears of cheap imports from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Priorities for Indian trade policy
Recent writings on trade policy have focused excessively on free trade agreements/regional trade agreements (FTAs/RTAs) and their usefulness to India. The importance attached to this topic, at the expense of serious discussions on second-generation trade reforms, is frightening.
Guatemala to strengthen ties with India
Guatemala has expressed keen desire to expand economic ties with India, and has said that the Government was working towards easing visa procedures to facilitate the visits of Indian businessmen and tourists.
IT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, agro food are items for enhanced India-EU cooperation
The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India sees tremendous scope for enhancing economic ties with Europe and has mooted a four pronged strategy for expanding India’s trade basket with the enlarged EU in areas such as information technology & communication, biotech & pharmaceuticals, agro foods processing and textiles.
Early Harvest Programme under India-Asean FTA may be dropped
The much-hyped India-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement may not include the Early Harvest Programme with government considering a proposal about whether to adopt a full-fledged FTA.
India, Japan identify eight-fold initiative for strategic partnership
The Prime Ministers of India and Japan have directed the India-Japan Joint Study Group to consider the feasibility of an India-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.
India looks for FTA ray from land of rising sun
Setting the stage for a quantum jump in economic ties, India and Japan have decided to look at the formation of a free trade area (FTA), with an eye on more than doubling bilateral trade to $10bn.
Flop Trade Agreements: Exports need policy impetus, not low tariffs
The global experience on FTAs suggests that regional FTAs (e.g. EU) and those between the North and the South (NAFTA) work. However, South-South FTAs are less inspiring. A key issue is whether the economies of the countries entering into an FTA complement or compete with each other.
Mexican industrialists want FTA with India
Calling for a boost in bilateral trade between India and Mexico, a visiting delegation of Mexican industrialists on Thursday floated the idea of having a Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
Would a free trade agreement with China be a sensible move?
I recall two incidents. One, a meeting with a senior functionary in the Chinese embassy in 2002. His comment: China’s main grouse with Pakistan after 9/11 was that they had allowed the US into our backyard. Second, the same year, at a seminar in JNU, a Japanese delegate was explaining why the Japanese were cutting aid to India-India’s nuclear explosion was difficult to justify to the paranoid Japanese public.
The journey has begun, but it’ll take long to arrive
“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive,” wrote noted English novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. For me, a free trade agreement (FTA) with China is something similar. A free trade agreement with China could be a final destination and we can travel hopefully to it.
Japan, India take first step toward free trade pact
Japan and India took a first step to a possible free trade deal with an agreement to spend a year looking at the effects of a pact on the two major Asian economies.
China proposes FTA with India after landmark political accord
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao today announced the decision of India and China to institute a joint feasibility study on a Free Trade Area (FTA) Agreement between the two countries, having signed a landmark political accord to settle the lingering boundary dispute.