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RCEP: Robbing communities to extract profit
RCEP will give multinational corporations unprecedented rights
Free trade talks with EFTA grouping hit IPR, services wall
Switzerland insists on intellectual property commitments beyond TRIPS.
Sanofi Aventis Ukraine seeks to file claim to international court to protect investment in Ukraine
Sanofi Aventis Ukraine LLC, part of Sanofi global pharmaceutical company, seeks to file a claim against Ukraine to the International Investment Arbitration.
Foreign patent owners can challenge domestic judgments under international investment arbitration
The first ever final award on patents in international investment arbitration by ICSID in the case of Eli Lilly v. Canada has effectively cleared the way for raising future disputes by foreign IPR owners against domestic institutions which can result in stronger and robust IP protection regime.
Canada introduces patent term extensions for pharmaceutical patents
The new regime has been implemented in order to meet Canada’s obligations under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union
TPP 11 Sydney meeting vindicates community concerns
TPP 11 negotiators have agreed to suspend controversial clauses on medicine monopolies and some governments want to renegotiate other clauses, vindicating public interest group concerns
Vietnam proposes amendments to stalled TPP trade deal at Sydney talks: sources
Officials from 11 of the 12 countries that committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal are meeting in Sydney for talks to re-energize the stalled agreement and discuss amendmends to the pact following the withdrawal of the US.
Health community’s concerns re TPP11 proposed next steps
Stronger intellectual property protection would benefit the US in return for no concessions, civil society groups tell TPP11 Ministers
Pharmaceutical prices, intellectual property rights emerge as key issues in KORUS FTA discussions
Through the KORUS revision, the US is openly seeking to bridge its trade deficit with Korea by renegotiating specific terms for individual product categories.
Neelam Deo on EU-India’s perplexing relationship: Trade, Europe’s hypocrisy and China concern
Former diplomat says the EU’s insistence on opening up on wine imports from France and automobile imports from Germany have held up the EU-India FTA negotiations.
Big pharma, IP wars and profit over people
At RCEP negotiations held in India, intellectual property rights issues in medicine remain contentious
NAFTA could replay TPP biologics debate
A battle over the length of data protection for biologic medicine appears to be shaping up in the NAFTA negotiations in a replay of an issue that helped block the Trans-Pacific Partnership from becoming law.
Interview with Loon Gangte
Loon Gangte is an Indian activist living with HIV and hepatitis C, founder of the Delhi Network of Positive People.
Medicines in India likely to be costlier due to RCEP trade pact
However, the key issues holding the final text of these negotiations don’t seem to be getting resolved.
New Zealand negotiator at Asia trade pact talks says countries should analyse TRIPS-Plus
The negotiator’s comments were non-committal but indicated that for now, the RCEP talks have not yet moved decisively into a TRIPS-plus scenario.
ASEAN Parliamentarians call for a focus on rights in regional trade talks
Officials from ASEAN member states and other countries meeting in India this week for negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) should take steps to ensure that the trade deal safeguards human rights, Southeast Asian lawmakers said today.
Trading health through IPR, patents
Trade agreements between countries have a perceivable impact on access to medicines as a result of changes in patent and other national laws in different countries.
Canada blinks in face of US/Pharma pressure
The cool reasoning of the Canadian Supreme Court does not acknowledge or reference “external” pressures or the Eli Lilly v. Canada ISDS case. However, courts do not decide cases in a vacuum. This case seems to have been decided in a pressure cooker.
No RCEP Campaign: Stop trading away human rights
The ’No RCEP’ campaign urges governments to consider the adverse impact of the mega free trade agreement
More trouble for Canada-EU trade deal, as drug changes delay implementation
Goal of implementing most of CETA this summer slips farther from reach.