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Tough IP health provisions in Europe’s Colombia/Peru trade deal
Far-reaching provisions on the patenting of medicine have been inserted into a controversial free trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru.
EU “pushing” India over generics in “secret” trade talks
The eighth round of the FTA talks which took place in Mumbai last week have been strongly criticised in India for their secrecy and lack of consultation with the national parliament and state governments.
Japan, EU jockey for position in effort to ink India trade pact
Whichever FTA is signed first — Japan’s or the EU’s — will put pressure on the other pair of negotiators to reach pragmatic compromises. The race for India is on.
Close attention to final round of Peru-EU FTA required
The Peruvian Network for a Just Globalization says that both public opinion, as well as members of Congress, have to make sure that no conditions that restrict access to medicines for thousands of Peruvians are included in the text of the EU-Peru trade agreement.
Indo-Jap FTA: Data exclusivity threat to generics
Amid fresh talks on the India-Japan free trade agreement (FTA), concerns are being expressed about certain measures that could hamper generic drugs and access to medicines.
EU seeks to settle trade row with India amicably
The European Union on Friday said it would prefer to resolve two commercial disputes with India without engaging in a legal battle at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The first dispute involves seizure of Indian generic drugs in transit at some EU-based ports, including Amsterdam, which were bound for certain third world countries, on the grounds of patents infringement.
Free trade deals to push up cost of medicines
The bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) India is negotiating with Japan and the European Union (EU) can lead to a sharp rise in the cost of medicines, a network of civil society groups has warned.
EU demands in EU-India FTA could adversely affect access to drugs
The European Union’s demands on India to take on higher intellectual property (IP) standards, if adopted, could spell disaster for the supply of low-cost generic medicines, undermine India’s development and set a significant precedent for the future of IPR protection globally, cautioned Dr Carlos M. Correa, an expert on IP and the WTO TRIPS Agreement.
Vicious sting in the tail of FTAs
What is slowly emerging is the beginning of a composite oppositition to FTAs in India.
Negotiation of an EU-India FTA: Will India accept TRIPS-plus protection?
The negotiating texts so far known do indicate that India is resisting many aspects of the EU demands of higher IPRs standards. Analysis by Carlos Correa.
Swine flu highlights the problem of accepting the intellectual property protections promoted by the European Union
Confronted by a potential pandemic, negotiations for FTAs with the European Union are taking place in Brussels this week, where more extensive protections for intellectual property will be discussed.
EU’s intellectual property agenda could impair access to medicines in the Andean region
The EU is more aggressive in its approach to intellectual property in trade agreements than the United States, MEPs learn
An ’unacceptable’ free trade agreement
The free trade agreement the EU has proposed to Asean deliberately undermines the Doha Declaration on patents and public health.
Removing the Korea-EU FTA beef imports provision
As negotiations for the South Korea-European Union free trade agreement (Korea-EU FTA) race into their final stages, the inner workings are starting to come to light.
Peru refuses price raise on medicines at FTA negotiation with EU
The Peruvian Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry said Thursday that Peru will not accept raise in medicine prices in the second round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union..
Protesters detained outside European Commission office
As the sixth round of negotiations related to the EU-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) got underway on Tuesday, the police detained a couple of representatives of public interest groups during a peaceful protest in front of the office of the European Commission (EC).
FTA: The new Andean disease
The Free Trade Agreement or the Association Agreement the European Union is promoting with two of the four countries member of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) risks the continuity of this bloc, but it also represents a threat to access to medications and health of the Andean peoples.
EU-ASEAN proposals on intellectual property too sweeping, say consumers
The proposed EU-Asean free trade policy on intellectual property rights protection is too sweeping, says a consumer group.
Asean urged to reject EU piracy pact
A consumers’ group on Saturday urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) to turn down the EU-Asean free trade policy on intellectual property rights protection which, if ratified, could affect the Asean agriculture, biodiversity and public health access.
Strong EU trade provisions on IP seen as threat to poor nations’ medicines access
Efforts by the European Union to insert strong provisions on pharmaceutical patents in free trade agreements it is negotiating with India, Colombia, Peru and ASEAN could imperil access to medicines in developing countries, global public health activists have alleged.