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Evaluation of the impact of NAFTA on manufacturing
The evidence is overwhelming: NAFTA has damaged the manufacturing industry in the US and Mexico. As the maquiladora industry thrives and human rights are continuously eroded in sweatshops across the globe, it is the responsibility of the US, the world’s most insatiable consumer, to call attention to this injustice in the manufacturing sector and correct it.
S Korea, Mexico agree to resume free trade talks
South Korea and Mexico officially have agreed to resume their negotiations for a full free trade agreement (FTA), which is expected to contribute not only to economic ties but the political partnership between the two countries
Mexico in Mercosur ’essential’
Mexico’s entry to Mercosur is “essential,” President Néstor Kirchner insisted yesterday after a meeting with his Mexican peer Felipe Calderón in Mexico City.
Peru, Mexico extend economic agreement
Peru and Mexico have agreed to extend their current Economic Agreement, due to end on Dec 31 this year, until June 30 2008. Meanwhile, talks on a bilateral free trade treaty are set to be reopened in September in Mexico City.
Why they migrate
In 2002 alone, 600 Mexican farmers per day were forced off the land due to NAFTA, by US agribusiness dumping subsidized food exports on Mexico. And in the past five years, more than 1,600 Mexican migrants have lost their lives in their attempts to find jobs in the US.
The EU-Mexico free trade agreement seven years on: A warning to the global South
Seven years on, the impact of the EU-Mexico FTA is clear. Instead of the promised economic and social benefits, the treaty has left the Mexican state unable to implement policies to promote local small and medium size companies.
Is Mexico overlooking the EU ?
Extract from introduction of dissertation entitled "FTA European Union - Mexico: An overview of the ’Global Agreement’ and impact since the start"
The SPPNA or “deep integration”
It’s really not a secret accord. On March 23, 2005, presidents George W. Bush of the United States, Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada issued a joint declaration giving life to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA), also known as NAFTA-plus, or North American Free Trade Agreement plus other accords.
“Trade with Mexico is a big opportunity for India”
Mexican minister of economy Eduardo Sojo says Indian companies should use Mexico, through its 44 FTAs, as a gateway to enter the US and the Latin American market.
Mexican workers call for a continental workers’ campaign for living wages and social justice
A coalition of Mexican unions has now proposed a strategy of struggle that could open up the door to a more class-wide and continental approach to union and workers’ struggles, starting in the three NAFTA countries.
India looks for key to Nafta in Mexico
India is all set to sign a bilateral investment protection agreement (BIPA) with Mexico on May 21. This will be first such agreement with a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).
FTAA unlikely to become reality soon, Mexico says
Mexican Economy Secretary Eduardo Sojo said the U.S.-led Free Trade Area of the Americas scheme is likely to remain stalled in the foreseeable future as negotiations between the United States and the leftist-dominated South America on the issue have been deadlocked for the past few years.
Mexico, China to push forward bilateral investment agreement
Mexico and China will seek important progress towards signing a reciprocal investment promotion agreement before the end of 2007.
Mexico, China to push forward bilateral investment agreement
Mexico and China will seek important progress towards signing a reciprocal investment promotion agreement before the end of 2007, Mexico’s Secretary of Economy Eduardo Sojo said in the opening session of the 15th Mexico-China Plenary Meeting yesterday.
Chile-Mexico: Nothing like free trade
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s Tuesday-Wednesday visit to Mexico will help strengthen the fastest-growing commercial relationship in Latin America — which expanded by nearly 2,000 percent between 1990 and 2006 — while giving concrete form to a strategic alliance that could also benefit neighbouring countries.
Goff pushes Mexican trade deal
Trade Minister Phil Goff leaves for Mexico this morning to push for a trade deal that could boost exports to New Zealand’s fourth largest market dairy market.
Taiwanese manufacturers thrive in Juárez
There was a time when a lot of our electronics were stamped "Made in Taiwan." These days, a lot of them are still made by Taiwanese companies but may be stamped "Made in Mexico."
Mexican, EU legislators seek to improve trade agreement
Legislators from Mexico and the European Union (EU) met on Tuesday to discuss improving the free trade agreement signed in 2000.
Mexico: Staple foods at risk from free market
When the Mexican government negotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), in force since 1994, it estimated that 14 years of safeguards for its maize and beans would be enough time for local production of these crops to become competitive. But things did not work out that way.
US inspectors to examine trucks on Mexican soil
US safety inspectors will be allowed to inspect trucks on Mexican soil before they enter the United States under a program announced on Thursday that officials said will remove the last barrier to the long-delayed opening of US highways to Mexican truckers.