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WSC UK threaten legal action against UK government
Western Sahara Campaign UK is threatening legal action against the British government for treating imported products originating in Western Sahara as Moroccan for the purposes of the EU–Morocco Association Agreement.
ECJ finds Swedish fisheries in Western Sahara illegal
The European Court of Justice has in an answer to a question from a Swedish court of appeal informed that private fisheries agreements with Moroccan authorities are not allowed outside of the context of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement.
Dutch first to fish under unethical EU-Morocco fish deal
For the first time in almost three years, an EU member state fishing vessel has been detected in the waters of occupied Western Sahara.
Illegal EU fish agreement with Morocco now ratified by King
The King of Morocco has ratified its dirty fisheries agreement with EU, allowing EU vessels to fish in Western Sahara waters under Moroccan occupation. The European Commission fails in geography regarding the location of the fisheries in communiqué.
Peru, Morocco to hold FTA talks next year
Governments of Peru and Morocco are expected to start negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) in the first quarter of next year, announced Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Salaheddine Mezouar.
Pas de date pour la conclusion de l’accord de libre-échange entre le Maroc et le Canada
Les deux pays ont déjà mené trois “rounds” de négociation, mais le quatrième prévu ce printemps a été reporté. Entretien avec Ed Fast, ministre canadien du Commerce international.
New briefing on the EU-Morocco FTA
Eurogroup for Animals released a brief insight into different ways how the EU and Morocco could include animal welfare in their Free Trade Agreement discussions.
EU-Morocco: Barroso launches talks for free trade agreement
European Commission president José Manuel Barroso was in Rabat on Friday to launch talks for an EU-Morocco free trade agreement. The decision may end up as a major headache for Brussels, however, as the issue of relations with Morocco is a highly sensitive one within some Member States and the European Parliament itself, where the rights of the Saharawi people of the Western Sahara are defended.
Importations controversées - La CP attaque l’accord libre-échange UE/Maroc en portant en justice Idyl
Le Sahara occidental n’est pas le Maroc. Aussi, l’accord de libre-échange entre le Maroc et l’Union européenne n’a pas à être étendu au Sahara occidental même si le royaume du Maroc s’arroge un droit de souveraineté. C’est la faille de cet accord, mis en œuvre depuis le 1er novembre 2012, qu’exploite la Confédération paysanne pour le dénoncer une nouvelle fois.
Morocco: New US-Morocco agreements seen as boost to trade relations
The United States and the Kingdom of Morocco have signed new agreements that the top U.S. trade official says will stimulate significant additional commercial activity between the two countries and within the broader Middle East-North Africa region.
New illegal EU-Morocco fish talks being pushed through
Without consulting with the Saharawi people in Western Sahara, the EU will next week try to conclude the talks on EU-Morocco fish deal offshore the occupied territory, under same terms as the one that was rejected by the European Parliament in 2011.
Re-branding the EU-South Mediterranean Relations: What Comprehensive FTAs?
The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council decision of 14 December 2011 to grant the European Commission a negotiation mandate to study and launch negotiations for Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (DCFTA) with Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, which would extend current partial free trade areas in goods to incorporate services and public procurement and some regulatory harmonization with the EU, are part of the Union’s broader trade strategy.
Canada concludes latest Morocco FTA talks
According to minister Ed Fast, the deal would “serve as a gateway to a deeper Canadian commercial presence in North Africa and the Mediterranean region”.
‘Time is ripe to finalise Pakistan, Morocco FTA’
Pakistan and Morocco should finalise Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as it is conducive to enhance overall trade, which provides comprehensive and legally binding protection to foreign capital, repatriation of principal amount and the profits.
EU parliament approves Morocco agriculture trade deal
European Union lawmakers approved a new trade deal with Morocco on Thursday that will significantly extend duty-free sales of agricultural, food and fisheries products between the North African kingdom and the 27-nation bloc.
King of Morocco to be biggest benefactor of EU trade agreement
A new EU trade agreement that is set to boost the personal fortune of King Mohamed VI of Morocco is facing opposition because it promotes the exploitation of disputed territory of the Western Sahara.
Spanish farmers demand no imports of occupation tomatoes
On 14 February, a new and extended trade and agriculture agreement is up for vote in the European Parliament. No mention is made to the fact that produce from Western Sahara now will reach the European market, and that the main benefactor will be multinational firms and the King of Morocco – while the small scale farmers will stand to loose.
EU seeks to begin FTA negotiations with S. Mediterranean countries
The European Union Foreign Affairs Council on Trade Monday agreed to begin negotiations on "direct and comprehensive" free trade agreements with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
Accord libéral rejeté : les agriculteurs remercient le Parlement européen !
Selon la Coordination rurale du Languedoc-Roussillon, le Parlement européen se révèle le dernier rempart des agriculteurs face à la libéralisation forcenée que veut appliquer la commission européenne.
Fishing pact loses EU millions in Morocco
A politically divisive fishing pact between Morocco and the European Union has been costing Europe millions of euros a year and could deplete Morocco’s fish stocks, according to a report.