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Lobbying for the US-Morocco FTA and how it benefits US corporations
Videos from Morocco TVArchive, uploaded in 2008
Pakistan, Morocco to accelerate work on PTA, FTA
Pakistan and Morocco have agreed to accelerate work on Preferential Trade Agreement and Free Trade Agreement at the conclusion of the First Session of the Joint Ministerial Commission between the two countries held in Rabat on July 17-18, 2008.
Morocco: Anger rises with prices
The move to embrace a free trade economy has brought a sharp increase in the price of basic goods across Morocco. This is causing hardship, and threatening social stability.
Europe supports Morocco’s EU partnership aspirations
Morocco invited European Union leaders to Rabat on Monday to discuss the transformation of its current Association Agreement into "advanced status" with the EU. The European ministers in attendance underlined their support for the Moroccan initiative.
Lessons from Morocco
Bilateral trade accords are driven by politics more than economics, and the US-Morocco free trade agreement, or FTA, is no exception.
France backs Morocco push for closer EU ties
Sarkozy said he hoped Morocco would play a "leading role" in a Mediterranean Union.
Morocco invites Pakistan to export textiles under FTA
Pakistani entrepreneurs should take advantage of Morocco’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with USA and European Union, particularly in the textile and readymade garments, Morocco Ambassador Mohammed Rida El Fassi said.
Singapore and Morocco agree to start FTA talks
Singapore and Morocco have agreed to start talks on a Free Trade Agreement, but only at a pace that Morocco is comfortable with.
Morocco: Trade & liberalisation
USAID has launched the Morocco New Business Opportunities (NBO) project. NBO is a four-year, $9m programme to help Moroccan firms take advantage of new opportunities for entry or expansion in the US market emerging from the Morocco-US FTA.
UN committee strongly urges Morocco to evaluate impact of the US-Morocco FTA
Morocco came under review last month by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. During this process, the UN Committee raised concerns about the effects of the United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on access to affordable medicines and the enjoyment of the right to health in the country.
Morocco, Egypt to strengthen trade ties
Despite a free trade agreement between Morocco and Egypt, entered in force in 1999, trade exchanges remain meager between the two.
Turkey: FTA with Tunisia & Morocco vital for textile sector
Currently, Turkey has inked Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 19 countries and now, the formation of Mediterranean Basin Free Trade Area, is being added which will improve economic and commercial transactions between the Mediterranean countries.
Morocco textile industry adapting to free trade
Morocco hopes to create as many textile industry jobs as it loses over a two-year period, the kingdom’s trade minister said.
Trade-related intellectual property rights, access to medicines and human rights - Morocco
The briefing calls for an independent human rights impact assessment of the effect of intellectual property rules in the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on access to medicines and the enjoyment of human rights in Morocco.
Saharan fish and the EU
The EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement is similar to a host of deals being signed down the West African coast, allowing European fishing access to African waters to make up for the over-fishing of European waters in recent decades. But this deal has one exception: it will allow EU boats to fish in the illegally occupied water of a country which the West has done its best to forget.
France bolsters Moroccan ties as free trade grows
France is pushing to maintain strong economic ties with former protectorate Morocco even as the North African kingdom tries to draw more foreign investors by lowering barriers to trade and investment.
US sorghum sold to Morocco for the first time in six years
US sorghum has been sold to Morocco for the first time in six years, a testament that the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is working.
FTA to diversify Morocco’s foreign partnerships and markets
"The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States opens the Moroccan economy towards a new world. It is an opportunity for us to diversify our partnerships, our markets and strengthen our means of competition in an increasingly global economy," said Mohamed Benayad, secretary general of the National Council for Foreign Trade (CNCE).
Interview with Mohamed Benayad: «We do not sign free trade agreements with enemy states»
Interview with Mohamed Benayad, Secretary General of the National Council for Foreign Trade, claims to be an advocate of the free trade agreement between Morocco and the United States.
Morocco-US FTA to promote investment in Kingdom, trade advisor
Increasing trade exchanges and promoting US investments in Morocco are the main objectives of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between Morocco and the USA, affirmed trade Advisor at Moroccan embassy in Washington, Mourad El Ayachi.