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Fair deals a Pacific pipedream
One juicy Australian-grown aid patty, some aromatic seasonal labour sauce all held together within the iron clad guarantee of two trade liberalising pieces of white bread and a smattering of forest carbon partnership-flavoured fries. What financially famished island state could resist?
Pacific civil society organisations statement on trade justice
Pacific NGOs, churches and trade unions working on trade justice issues are concerned about the push for free trade agreements in the Pacific and the grave risk that these agreements pose for our people.
Fiji: Trade justice statement released
Pacific NGOs, churches and unions have released a joint statement on trade justice in the Pacific warning of the costs of a free trade deal with Australia and NZ, and urging Pacific leaders to be wary that a new seasonal workers’ scheme could be used as a bargaining chip to enter free trade negotiations.
Viewpoint: Labour mobility deals
Under pressure to sign on to new free trade agreements, Pacific Islands governments interested in securing positive outcomes for their peoples see deals on labour mobility as potential development gains. But is this the right approach? And what are the potential costs?
NGO says Australia bullying Pacific over free trade deal
Australia has been accused of trying to fast-track new free trade negotiations with Pacific Island countries at a recent regional trade ministers’ meeting in the Cook Islands.
Pacific ministers agree to broaden work on PACER
This may include setting up a regional office to focus on issues of traditional knowledge and intellectual property rights.
Sovereignty or solidarity? Pacific changes tack as Europe wins first round in trade talks
Sovereignty must be partially surrendered if Pacific islands countries are to maintain solidarity in trade negotiations. Pacific countries who are members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific bloc of states had a rude realisation of this basic and age-old truth in their on-going negotiations with the European Commission for an economic partnership agreement.
Tuvalu ratifies Pacific trade agreement
Tuvalu has become the 11th Pacific Forum Country to ratify the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA).
Pacific trade ministers slam EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson
New letters show extent of dissent among Pacific trade ministers as ministers accuse top EU trade official of being "domineering" and using divide and rule tactics to split the region.
Pacific: Trade ministers to finalise deals
Senior trade officials from around the Pacific region will finalise trade deals as an extension to the existing Pacific Islands Countries Trade Agreement by October.
Trade ministers band together
The Pacific ACP Trade Ministers from the region have agreed to proceed as a group with negotiations of a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with the European Commission by the end of the year.
Summary of documents from “To oppose FTAs: Making people matter”
APRN have uploaded some of the papers and PPT presented at the “To Oppose FTAs: Making People Matter” held last September 4-6, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.
Trade deals spark warning
The Pacific Network on Globalisation warned Pacific governments to be wary of viewing Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement as "stepping stone" towards free trade deals with rich nations.
Crean spruiks free trade in Pacific
The tiny island nations of the south Pacific should have high ambitions heading into free trade negotiations with Australia, Trade Minister Simon Crean says.
EU-Pacific interim FTA (2007)
Initialled by Papua New Guinea and Fiji on 23 November 2007
EU gives Pacific breathing space
Pacific Islands countries have been given a breathing space after the European Commission decided to extend the deadline for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement between the two parties to December next year. However, negotiations will be held this month on an interim agreement on the trading of goods and possibly services.
China-Pacific: How to tap the growing China market
An FTA between China and the Pacific will be lopsided in favour of China, says Rohan Ellis, head of the Beijing-based Pacific Islands Forum Trade Office
When colonies come of age
As the deadline for a new trade deal with the European Union approaches, the question on people’s minds is: Are developing countries in the Pacific still willing to play?
EU, Pacific countries to seek interim trade deal
The European Union and Pacific countries agreed on Tuesday to seek an interim new trade deal, to enter into force on 1 January, while they continue negotiating an EPA by end of 2008.
An analysis of the EC non-paper on the objectives and possible elements of an IP section in the EC-Pacific EPA
The combination of the time-factor, the TRIPS-plus implications of many of the elements suggested by the EC, the challenges that would face non-WTO Pacific countries to even adhere to TRIPS and the general level of development in these countries, it is strongly recommended that Pacific countries do not agree to the inclusion of an IP section in the EC-Pacific EPA.