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South Pacific, European Union aid funds wrangle ends
Samoa’s Deputy Prime Minister said the Pacific trade ministers "have had some schooling and know how to read English. It is untrue that the Pacific misinterpreted the meaning (of the EC warning)."
Pacific: Getting the private sector in
This is the first time that members of the major business sector and representatives of private sector organisations from all 14 Pacific Forum Islands Countries will be coming together with regional ministers and senior policy officials to discuss major strategic business issues that face the region.
EC backs down on Pacific aid conditionality threat
The EC’s Head of Delegation to the Pacific has sent to the Pacific EPA negotiating team a letter dated Friday 3 August that states Pacific Trade Ministers have misinterpreted an earlier EC communication and there is no conditionality that would reduce the EDF funds available to the Pacific if the region does not sign an EPA.
Pacific trade ministers protest EC aid threat in EPA talks
Pacific Trade Ministers have responded to a threat by the EC to cut development aid funds to the region if the Pacific does not conclude the EPA by the end of the year. In a strongly worded letter to the EC Commissioner for Development, they stated they would “not accept the EC imposing this linkage on the RIP with respect to the EPA.”
EC threatens to withhold aid funds over EPA
Just before the Pacific ACP Trade Ministers Meeting opened in Vanuatu on 31 July 2007, the Deputy Head of the Pacific desk in the EC’s DG Development sent the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat an email that stated the Pacific’s allocation of the European Development Fund would be cut by 48% if it does not sign up to an EPA and by 26% if a goods-only agreement is concluded.
Pacific Forum admits problems sealing a Economic Partnership Agreement
The Pacific Forum has for the first time publicly admitted there have been problems in sealing an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.
APRN strategy workshop on FTAs
The Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) and AID/WATCH are pleased to invite you to a strategy workshop on the FTAs entitled: “To Oppose FTAs: Making People Matter”, that will take place on September 4-6, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. The Strategy Workshop on the FTAs is an open and public gathering of trade campaigners within the region specifically timed to coincide with the APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Sydney.
Australia seeks equal trade rights in South Pacific
Australia says it wants trade rights in the South Pacific equal to those being negotiated by the European Union.
Pacific must better demand on EPA: Forum
Pacific Islands Countries need to develop technically sound demands in negotiating the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) says Deputy Secretary General of the Forum Secretariat, Peter Forau.
Trade: Pacific on ‘word watch’, but time is running out
With only six months left for the African, Caribbean and Pacific bloc of states to have its economic partnership agreement with the European Union negotiated, sealed and signed, the 14 Pacific members of the alliance are more worried about word usage.
Talks to look at Pacific trade deal
A meeting in August is likely to explore the possibility of a free trade agreement between Pacific Island countries and New Zealand and Australia but rapid progress is not expected.
Australia And New Zealand Seek Pacific FTA
Australia and New Zealand will begin discussions in August to strike a free trade deal with a group of Pacific island nations.
EU must not threaten Pacific islands
In an recent article headlined “Economic Partnership Agreements: tackling the myths”, the European Union’s trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, sought to justify the EU’s position on agreements being negotiated with the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of countries.
Tavola eyed for diplomatic job
Ousted foreign affairs minister Kaliopate Tavola could be called to lead the Pacific’s Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) talks with the European Union.
EPA with Europe in doubt
Intransigence of positions and unfolding of more "red lines" by bureaucrats at the European Commission (EC) could jeopardise the region’s hopes of securing an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union, outgoing chief negotiator of the Pacific, Kaliopate Tavola has warned.
Leaked letter from the EC’s Falkenberg and Manservisi to Tavola on Pacific EPA
Letter leaked to the Financial Times outlining the European Commission’s response to the Pacific’s proposals on their EPA, rejecting most of them.
Unequal partners
This paper by Claire Godfrey provides a wide-ranging look at the many problems with the EPAs, and investigates how these could impact on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ future development.
Key issues in Pacific trade negotiations with the EU
This short summary of issues by Barry Coates of Oaxfam New Zealand focuses on the most recent negotiating documents, particularly the draft “legal text” that was prepared by Pacific negotiators after their meeting in June 2006. It aims to provide a “non-technical” overview to inform civil society of progress in negotiations.
The con/dominion of Vanuatu?
A case study that looks at the impacts from liberalisation of the tourism industry in Vanuatu.
Ministers endorse Multilateral Fisheries Partnership Agreement
Pacific Island Countries now have a draft Multilateral Fisheries Partnership Agreement (MFPA) to negotiate with the European Union (EU) as part of the region’s Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA).