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S. Korea, Panama hold policy consultations on bilateral ties, trade
South Korea signed the FTA with Panama and the four Central American countries — Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador — which have already finished the domestic procedures for the agreement.
Israel-Panama free trade agreement enters into force
A free trade agreement between Israel and Panama entered into force on January 1, granting preferential market access for goods and aiming to eliminate trade barriers between the countries.
China’s construction binge spreads to Americas, rattles US
China’s expansion in Latin America of its Belt and Road initiative to build ports and other trade-related facilities is stirring alarm in Washington over Beijing’s ambitions in a region that American leaders since the 19th century have seen as off-limits to other powers.
Precedent-setting ICSID arbitration award in favor of the Republic of Panama now final and binding
Claimants failed to seek an annulment of the 12 October 2018 award, which dismissed the totality of claimants’ claims against the Republic of Panama.
China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its two Latin American gateways
Chile and Panama offer China two important physical entry points into Latin America. Chile features an attractive legal framework for the protection of Chinese investments in the country. Panama is following suit. A ripple effect in the region is foreseeable.
IP licence, trademarks and ISDS: Bridgestone v. Panama
Can an intellectual property right or a license authorizing its use be deemed an ‘investment’ under bilateral investment treaties?
Uruguay faces arbitration claim over collapsed airline
A Panamanian holding company has threatened to bring an arbitration claim against Uruguay over the renationalisation of an airline.
Panama and China start FTA third negotiation round
The third negotiation round will aim to advance in barriers and the facilitation of trade, customs procedures, intellectual property and electronic trade.
Sacyr files new case against Panama
Spanish construction firm Sacyr has launched arbitration proceedings claim against the Panamanian state before the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).
Panama launches free trade talks with China after ending Taiwan recognition
Panamanian and Chinese officials will launch the first round of trade negotiations in Panama City with the aim of eventually inking a free trade agreement.
Panama’s Trade Minister says FTA with China will benefit many sectors
Panama’s trade and industry minister hopes that a free trade agreement between Panama and China will especially benefit the infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, energy, tourism and e-commerce sectors.
Trump Organization pressures Varela
A letter sent by the Trump Organization’s lawyers reminded President Varela of Panama’s obligations under a 1983 treaty that protects the rights of investors from the United States.
S. Korea, five central American countries to discuss cooperation
The officials will likely discuss the impact that the trade agreement could have on their economic and business relations.
China, Panama to begin talks on free-trade deal in June 2018
Panama and China will begin negotiations in June 2018 to sign a free-trade deal, consolidating a relationship that has strengthened after the Central American nation ditched ties with Taiwan.
Parliament debates Panama involvement in secret trade pact
Parliamentary debate heats up in Panama concerning the country’s involvement in alleged secret talks for a Trade in Services Agreement between 23 members of the World Trade Organization, including the European Union.
S. Korea tentatively signs FTA with 5 Central American countries
South Korea and a group of Central American countries have tentatively signed a free trade agreement.
Panama Canal expansion yields boatload of legal disputes
Arbitrations will determine responsibility for Panama Canal overruns of $1.6 billion.
Why the Panama Papers should be a US election issue
"Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing large corporations to evade US taxes. And the Panama free trade agreement would make this bad situation much worse," Sanders warned in 2011.
Mining company files ISDS case against Panama
New York-based Dominion Minerals Corporation decided to move ahead with an investor-state dispute case against the Panamanian government.
Panama and Israel sign free trade agreement
Latin American nation’s first FTA with a Middle Eastern nation focuses on innovation and technology transfer