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In first year, Peru trade pact creating US winners
US corn exports to Peru in PTPA’s first year increased 167% in quantity and more than 100% in value, and the US market share of the Peruvian corn market jumped from 15% to 38%
Peru, EFTA to sign FTA in June
Peru will sign the final text of its free trade agreement with the European Free Trade Association, consisting of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, in June.
Negotiations for Peru to join P4 to take at least two years
The negotiations for Peru to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, known as P4, could take at least two years because of different interests among the eight countries who participate in the negotiations.
Peru: Signing away too many rights?
Peru is enthusiastically espousing free trade, and has signed six tariff-lowering agreements in the space of a year. But it has not matched them with the internal policies needed to reduce their impact on labour rights, the environment, and sensitive areas like agriculture, social organisations and experts say.
Peru, El Salvador to strengthen trade ties as FTA with Central America moves forward
The negotiation process will begin in May and will be between Peru and Central America, such the one with the European Union
EU concludes FTA talks with Colombia, Peru
The text of the agreement, which has not yet been publicly released, also includes a clause, useable by any party, that provides for the possibility of taking action if there is a repeated violation of human rights or a sudden interruption of democracy for any party.
EU trade treaty respects 200-mile maritime border
Peru successfully negotiated the safeguarding of national interests and respect for the Peruvian 200-mile maritime border during the IX Round of Negotiations of the Free Trade Treaty (TLC) with the European Union (EU) says the country’s trade minister
EU inks FTA with Peru, Colombia
The European Union has reached a free trade agreement with Peru and Colombia, an EU Commission spokesman said Monday. "Yes, there is an agreement."
Peru opens free trade with China, concludes trade talks with EU
Peru’s president Alan Garcia officially opened free trade with China Monday, and welcomed the close of negotiations on another trade deal with the European Union.
Tough IP health provisions in Europe’s Colombia/Peru trade deal
Far-reaching provisions on the patenting of medicine have been inserted into a controversial free trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru.
Trade deals expected to create 40,000 jobs over 10 years
The Inter-American Development Bank says Peru’s free trade agreements with the United States, China and the European Union will create at least 40,000 jobs in the Andean country over the next 10 years
Peru may reach trade agreement with EU next week, Andina says
Peru may conclude negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union next week, state news agency Andina reported.
A year after implementation of FTA, US and Peru left with broken promises, no new trade model
Environmental and labor conditions in Peru have deteriorated rapidly since the congressional passage of the FTA in late 2007 and implementation in early 2009.
Peru to start negotiations to join the P4 trade agreement in March 2010
In March, Peru will start negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPPA), previously known as P4, announced Peru Deputy Trade Minister, Eduardo Ferreyros.
Minister: Peru set to sign EU free trade accord in May
Peru’s free trade agreement with the European Union should be signed in Madrid in May, Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde said Thursday.
Peru to negotiate FTA with Central America in May
Peru will begin negotiations to sign a Free Trade Agreement with Central America in May next year, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism
Peru seeks to close free trade agreement with EU by Jan. 2010
"I think negotiations with the European Union will be completed by the end of January 2010," pointed out the Peruvian trade minister, who added that only two or three issues are still yet to solve by both part’s ministers.
China may displace the US as main trading partner of Peru
On December 7, Peru’s government ratified a free trade agreement with China, noting that this decision "favors Peru’s interests." Peru is one of China’s major trading partners in Latin America.
China-Peru FTA comes into effect
Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, has declared the free trade agreement between Peru and China in effect from Sunday.
Peru signs agreement with European free trade pact nations
Peru formally concluded a joint free trade agreement with Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland on Friday, said trade and tourism minister Martin Perez.