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Peru-Singapore free trade pact to take effect Aug
A free trade agreement between Peru and Singapore will take effect on Aug. 1, the first pact between the resource-rich Latin American nation and Asia, Peruvian Trade & Tourism Minister Martin Perez said on Wednesday.
Peru’s cold war against Indigenous People
Besides a racist propaganda campaign and violent repression, the Pervian government has tried highly suspect legal mechanisms to disarticulate indigenous power.
156 arrested in Peru anti-government protests
Peru’s national police chief says 156 people were arrested during anti-government and anti-free trade protests called by the country’s largest labour union.
The throes of the third round of negotiations of the FTA of Colombia & Peru with the EU
Analysis of the third round of egotiations of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and the Andean countries (Ecuador, Peru and Colombia).
Groups’ letter criticizes Senate’s ratification of Peru free trade pact
All senators but one were more concerned about investor protections for Canadian oil and mining companies, and why Canada did not get as good a deal as the US on pork and other agricultural exports, than they were with the fact that communities in the Amazon were protesting against the current and future presence of these very corporations on their ancestral lands.
Peruvian violence prompts concerns over Canada’s push for free trade deals
While a great deal of scrutiny has been directed toward Canada’s free trade agreement with Colombia, there has been little said about a similar deal with Peru. In fact, last Wednesday, on one of the final days of Parliament, that agreement barely made a ripple as it quietly received Royal Assent.
Protest supports Peru’s Indigenous
Indigenous peoples, solidarity movement activists and environmentalists filled the sidewalks outside the Peruvian Consulate in New York June 10. It was New York’s turn to join the international solidarity movement that has sprung up since Peruvian President Alan Garcia ordered police to attack a demonstration of 5,000 Indigenous people in Peru’s Amazon region.
Indigenous struggle shakes up Peru
Indigenous uprisings in both Bolivia and Ecuador led to the removal of right-wing neoliberal governments and the installation of progressive presidents who then, together with the input of the people, created new constitutions. Will it happen in Peru?
Peru revokes Amazon mining laws
Peru’s Congress voted Thursday to revoke two laws enacted last year to open the Amazon to mining, oil and timber development, measures that enraged many indigenous groups and led to a bloody confrontation this month.
Peru Amazon protests a success
Indigenous people in Peru’s Amazon are celebrating after the government revoked two land laws out of the 11 new laws passed to implement the US-Peru FTA
Canada/Peru FTA seen implemented by July 1
Canadian ag exports such as wheat, barley, lentils, peas and some boneless beef could get "immediate duty-free access" to the Peruvian market as early as July 1.
Trade agreement kills Amazon indians
The recent clash between indigenous peoples and Peruvian national police sends a powerful message from the Amazon jungle straight to Washington: The enormous social, political, and environmental costs of the free-trade model are no longer acceptable.
Peru protests fuel regional tensions
The recent clashes between the Peruvian government and indigenous peoples exacerbated tensions between Peru and neighbouring Bolivia whose indigenous president, Evo Morales, accused the Peruvian government of genocide against tribal protesters.
Peruvian indigenous land conflict explained
Peru is back on the international human rights community’s blacklist
Peru to suspend land laws after violence
Peru’s Congress is moving to suspend the passage of laws at the heart of a lands right dispute with Amazonian indigenous tribes that sparked the worst violence the country has seen since the Maoist Shining Path insurgency.
Stop the lethal repression against indigenous Peruvians
Call on the government of Alan Garcia to end the massacre of the indigenous peoples of Peru, and to pay for its crimes.
Massacre in Peru in the name of free trade
We in America need to be aware of the effects our economic imperialism has around the world. Instead of looking to move away from free trade agreements such as the one in Peru, we are working to establish new agreements, such as those in Panama or Colombia. The pork industry, for example, is lobbying very hard for a Panama FTA, so it can open up Panamanian markets to American pork.
Blood at the blockade: Peru’s indigenous uprising
Protestors’ top demand is the repeal of a series of decrees, known collectively as the "Law of the Jungle," signed by García last year using extraordinary powers granted to him by Peru’s Congress to enact legislation required by the 2006 US-Peru Free Trade Agreement. Under the government’s current plan, oil and gas concession blocs alone would cover 72 percent of Peru’s Amazon.
Perú: Solidarity with the struggle of the Amazonian peoples of Peru!
We ask our libertarian comrades to organise mobilisations and demonstrations outside Peruvian embassies in every country, in coordination with other sectors in struggle, in order to denounce the actions of the State and the multinationals in this country
50 days of protest and one massacre in the Peruvian Amazon
Many Indigenous groups, human rights organizations, and environmental groups have called for President Garcia to step down and have issued calls for demonstrations at Peruvian embassies around the world "until the bloodbath is stopped and the legislative decrees for the Free Trade Agreement with the United States are repealed."