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Australia interested in FTA with Peru
The Australian government said it considers the possibility of negotiating an FTA with Peru, as the Asia-Pacific faces the potential collapse of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Peru’s trade agreement with Honduras takes effect in 2017
The negotiations broke off in June 2011 and the two countries signer the agreement in Lima in May 2015.
Indonesia to finalize five trade deals next year in hunt for wider markets
As Indonesia accelerates talks with 15 Asia-Pacific nations, it is prioritizing the conclusion of five trade deals to open access to foreign markets and lure inflows of investment.
Japan, Peru to forge ahead with TPP procedures
The leaders of Japan and Peru have agreed to press ahead with efforts to implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite a pledge by President-elect Donald Trump to pull the US out of the free trade deal.
China, Peru to look at updating FTA
China and Peru on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding in Lima to conduct a feasibility study on upgrading the China-Peru Free Trade Agreement.
Amid dying TPP, APEC summit to focus on China’s trade deal
In a blow to the suspended U.S.-backed TPP, several countries in the Pacific Rim are now looking to join China’s free trade agreements.
Peruvians urge Himes to oppose TPP
"Our experience in Peru demonstrates how the TPP model prioritizes trade and investment above the protection of the environment, ecosystems, and life itself."
Peru’s Broad Front moves to block TPP ratification
In protests billed as “anti-colonial” demonstrations, Peruvians hit the streets on 12 October against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement
Peru works on FTA negotiation proposal with UK following Brexit
Peru has already started to work on a proposal for post-Brexit FTA negotiations with the United Kingdom based on the EU-Peru trade deal
Dozens of Indigenous absolved in Peru’s 2009 ’Baguazo’ massacre
Dozens of Indigenous people in Peru have been absolved of accusations that they were responsible for a massacre seven years ago that killed at least 32 people, due to intense conflict triggered by the country’s free trade agreements.
"Let’s make them poorer, and we’ll get rich"
Financial companies have figured out how to turn a controversial global legal system to their own very profitable advantage.
Bear Creek Mining Corporation v. Republic of Peru (ICSID Case No. ARB/14/21) – public hearing
​A hearing on jurisdiction and the merits in the case will be transmitted live via internet feed from 7-14 September 2016.
Pacific Alliance members invite Uruguay to sign free trade agreements
Uruguay, which will soon sign a free trade deal with Chile and upgrade its agreement with Mexico, has been invited by Colombia and Peru to turn its current agreements with them into an FTA as well
India’s next free trade partner: Peru?
India and Peru look to cement a rapidly growing trade relationship with a free trade agreement.
Peru ratifies FTA with Honduras
Peru ratified its free trade agreement (FTA) with Honduras on July 24, 2016, according to a statement from Peru’s Ministry of Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR).
AIDA: State needs to address the conditions in La Oroya
“We hope that after the decision, the State will concentrated its efforts to provide a sustainable solution to the environmental pollution in the city La Oroya.”
World Bank panel rejects lawsuit against Peru over smelter
A World Bank panel rejected a lawsuit filed against Peru by New York-based Renco Group Inc on technical grounds.
Hedge fund sues Peru for $ 1.6 billion over agrarian bonds
Gramercy Funds Management has filed a $1.6 billion claim against Peru for its refusal to redeem land bonds from the 1970s agrarian reform.
NAFTA asparagus
After Peru signed a TPP-like free trade pact with the U.S. in 2007, it has become the largest exporter of fresh asparagus. But asparagus monoculture/agribusiness has resulted in water shortages in the Ica Valley.
Peru – The TPP quandary and access to medicines
Signing the TPP has provoked a debate on whether, when it comes into force, there will be a potential spike in medicines prices.