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RCEP - Services - NZ initial sectoral request lists (Oct 2015)
Requests to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam, dated October 2015
RCEP services chapter: Risks for developing countries’ and LDCs’ policy space and regulatory sovereignty
The leaked RCEP services chapter from August 2015 shows the non-ASEAN countries, especially Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, have been very aggressive in their demands and insisted on new ways to bind the hands of governments in the future.
The British service sector: potential UK-China free trade agreement
On August 2, the Chinese ministry of commerce expressed willingness to jointly conduct a feasibility study for a UK-China FTA
TiSA talks going nowhere fast
Parties are still considering a number of new proposals and avoiding discussions on some important subjects.
RCEP - trade in services chapter: proposal for a ratchet (August 2015)
1 page proposal by Australia, Korea & New Zealand as of 4 August 2015.
RCEP - trade in services chapter: summary of 9th round of negotiations (August 2015)
Minutes of services chapter negotiations at the 9th RCEP negotiating round (August 2015)
RCEP - trade in services chapter: positions on value-add elements (August 2015)
ASEAN versus other RCEP country positions on value-add elements in RCEP services chapter
RCEP - trade in services chapter negotiating text (August 2015)
RCEP services chapter consolidated negotiating text as of 5 August 2015.
TiSA hitting an EU roadblock?
A massive trade in services deal is running into roadblocks from the European Union.
Privacy Shield: Privacy sham
The European Commission adopted the so-called “Privacy Shield”, a special arrangement that allows the transfer of personal data from the EU to the United States.
U.S. financial services text to debut at TiSA round
At the 19th round of Trade in Services talks, U.S. negotiators are expected to introduce language aimed at easing industry concerns over the cross-border transfer of financial services data.
Commission rejects MEPs’ request for full ban on ratchet and standstill clauses in TiSA
The European Commission has rejected a recommendation put forward by the European Parliament in February’s resolution to fully exclude the application of the standstill and ratchet clauses in the Trade in Services Agreement
TISA ’free trade’ deal to force draconian social, environmental, financial deregulation
A leaked text from the ’Trade In Services Agreement’ negotiations shows that TISA is set to unleash a massive wave of deregulation affecting social, environmental and financial standards.
Cracks emerging in plurilateral talks for TiSA
Cracks are finally emerging in the grossly imbalanced, plurilateral talks on a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) being pursued by 23 countries.