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Suez accepts 25% haircut from Argentina to end dispute
French co. agreed to $275 million to settle 12-year dispute. Engie is the biggest shareholder in water, sewer company.
Awasi Negosiasi Putaran Ke-Empat Indonesia-EU CEPA!
IEU-CEPA bertujuan mempercepat liberalisasi dan akses pasar untuk perdagangan barang, jasa dan investasi antar kedua pihak dengan mengadopsi standar internasional yang relevan terhadap perdagangan barang, jasa dan investasi; serta mengeliminir dan atau menghapus kendala atau hambatan yang merugikan kedua pihak.
RCEP: India in a Catch-22
India’s position in the RCEP is the most protectionist among all the member nations. India has been resisting demands from Korea & Japan on intellectual property clauses, and other nations on opening up markets.
Indian resistance could spell trouble for RCEP
India has been resisting pressure from other RCEP member nations to open up 90% of its traded goods to competition. This is due to the reason that the member nations are not ready to improve market access in services, one of India’s core strengths.
S. Korea to hold hearing on follow-up FTA talks with China
In December 2017, the trade and industry ministers of South Korea agreed to expedite negotiations to expand the two countries’ two-year-old free trade agreement to include the service and investment sectors.
India-UK trade meet to focus on visa restrictions, trade barriers
While the UK can engage in free trade agreement (FTA) talks with other countries including India only after the process of full disengagement from the EU is complete, talks are already happening unofficially on the potential of such a pact.
RCEP: India hardens stand ahead of summit with ASEAN
The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has taken a strong stand that the country should restrain itself from concluding free trade agreement from which it would not gain in the medium term.
AK EUROPA: Even economically, TiSA does not deliver what it promises
Even though the official negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) are currently on hold, the questionable foundations of the economic impact assessments on TiSA have increasingly become the focus of attention.
Data is the new oil, so big tech is pushing for a digital free trade deal
Decades ago it was pharmaceuticals, oil and food. Now tech giants want data to be the next frontier in the free trade agenda.
Turkey, South Korea look to capitalize on free trade agreement, boost service trade
Turkish and South Korean announced the completion of the approval processes for the Free Trade Agreement. The approval processes of the Service Trade Agreement will also be completed soon, they also stated.
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): India pushes for greater market access, ASEAN irked
Time and again India has flagged its concerns on the slow pace of services trade.
South Korea and China to discuss liberalizing service and investment sectors
Two years after the South Korea-China FTA took effect, the two countries are expected to launch a second round of negotiations to further open up the service and investment sectors.
Headway in services deal unlikely at RCEP summit
Countries in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are against India’s push for liberalisation in services sectors.
Is India ready to face US heat on bilateral ‘trade imbalance’?
There is a pattern in the US’ trade demands which seldom change, regardless of the administration in power.
India, S. Korea to upgrade FTA at ‘earliest’
New Delhi wants its English, yoga teachers to get opportunities to offer services.
Free trade talks with EFTA grouping hit IPR, services wall
Switzerland insists on intellectual property commitments beyond TRIPS.
TiSA - Foul play
One of the world’s leading trade lawyers has written this report for UNI on the implications of TiSA on workers, democracy and UNIs sectors. The conclusions point in 1 direction: TiSA must be stopped!
Campaign reveals TiSA threat to jobs and rights
A new campaign to be launched by the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) reveals the threat to jobs and workers’ rights posed by the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).
TiSA troubles: Services, democracy and corporate rule in the Trump era
This study, co-published with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, examines the adverse impacts on public services and public interest regulation of the little-known Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), quietly being negotiated in Geneva by a group of 23 governments, including Canada