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ASEAN-India services and investment FTA inches closer to implementation
The ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Services and Investment is one step closer to implementation following approval by Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce to accept the terms outlined in the region-wide agreement.
UPA may have left another can of worms in Anand Sharma’s free trade agreements
One of the most serious long-term damages done by any ministry under the UPA — in India — was commerce under Anand Sharma.
Thailand agrees to sign deal on more services
The Thai military junta has given the green light for the country to sign an agreement on the services sector among Asean members in another 24 services, as well as to sign the Asean-India Free Trade Agreement on the services sector during the upcoming Asean Economic Ministers meeting in Myanmar on Aug 24-26.
Curtailing ties to have repercussions on the EU too, FTI warns
Thai industries yesterday warned the European Union that its decision to curtail diplomatic ties with Thailand after the military coup could result in mutual repercussions.
EU to delay signing Thai cooperation pact after coup: draft
The EU will not sign the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, precursor to an FTA, with Thailand until a democratically elected government is back in place, according to a text seen by Reuters.
Thailand focuses on free trade agreements
Thai officials play down concerns that the political situation, which may not see a new government installed until at least June, will slow the formalising of a series of bilateral and multilateral FTAs.
Gold may be excluded from free-trade agreement with India
India is considering withdrawing some products from the Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) with Thailand after facing a huge trade deficit, with gold likely to be excluded from the pact.
Explaining ISDS
A five-minute video from FTA Watch (Thailand)
The EU-Thailand FTA: What fate for access to medicines?
Following the public outcry over the EU’s demands for stringent intellectual property rules that would dramatically raise medicines prices in India, you would expect the EU to think twice about making similar demands in future trade agreements. Yet, this is precisely what is going on now in the negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and Thailand.
Seed prices a tough nut in Thai-EU free trade talks
Concerns that the Thai-EU Free Trade Agreement will cause a huge hike in seed prices are "an extreme view", industry experts say, adding that "farmers should accept the fact that prices will be higher for hybrid seeds with higher yields".
EU-Thailand partnership signed
The European Union and Thailand have finalised the text of a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), according to a press statement from the EU office in Bangkok.
Thai-India FTA signing soon
Thailand and India are scheduled to sign their long-awaited comprehensive free-trade agreement (FTA) at the World Trade Organisation meeting next month after reaching an agreement on service-sector liberalisation.
FTA Watch condemns bid to amend Article 190
Thai advocacy group FTA Watch yesterday issued a statement condemning attempts to end legislative scrutiny of negotiations concerning international trade agreements.
Anfaco insists on excluding Thai tuna from EU-Thailand FTA
Spain’s National Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish and Shellfish (Anfaco Cecopesca) is to once again ask the authorities of the European Union for the exclusion of Thai tuna from the free trade agreement that the European bloc is negotiating with Thailand.
Peru’s FTA with Thailand to increase exports of grapes and fish
The recent free trade agreement with Thailand is expected to allow Peruvian producers to increase their exports of grapes, canned food, flour and fish, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister announced Monday.
Thailand: Assembly of the Poor demanding Thai-EU FTA Talk must not restrain freedom of seed
Over 100 farmers from Assembly of the Poor gathered in front of Thai Government House in Bangkok late September in a campaign action to scrutinize the implications for farmers’ seeds of the second round of Thai-EU FTA negotiations going on in Chiangmai
Activists warn of EU FTA dangers
While Thai authorities trumpet the progress of the second round of negotiations for a free-trade agreement with the European Union, activists are harsh in their opposition, particularly on the opening up of the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors.