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Ukraine, Israel ready to sign FTA agreement – PM Groysman
There will be a joint statement of the Governments and Ministries of Israel and Ukraine that the free trade area agreement between the two countries reached the final stage.
Gazprom draws up lawsuit for international arbitration over Ukraine’s antimonopoly fine
Gazprom has already sent a notice to Ukraine about the Ukrainian side violating its obligations to protect investment and is currently preparing a lawsuit to appeal to International arbitration.
MEPs back Ukraine-style ‘association’ deal for post-Brexit UK
The European Parliament has backed a Ukraine-style “association agreement” as the model for future EU-UK relations after Brexit.
Naftogaz expects to recover from Russia $8 bln over assets seized in Crimea
According to the holding’s chief commercial officer, once Ukraine wins in court, the question will arise of physically taking this money from Russia.
Naftogaz lawsuit regarding Crimean assets to be heard in Hague in May 2018
The lawsuit requirements come down to the amount of compensation, which has been evaluated by independent experts at over $5 billion.
Ukraine, Albania may create free trade area
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister says Ukraine is ready to consider the creation of a free trade area with Albania.
FTA with Turkey is Ukraine’s key priority for 2018: Ambassador
Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Sybiha considers the conclusion of the agreement on a free trade area (FTA) with Turkey as one of the key priorities of 2018.
Brexit: ’Breakthrough’ deal paves way for future trade talks
The UK, which is due to leave the EU in March 2019, has been keen to open talks on a new free trade deal as soon as possible.
PCA press release: Aeroport Belbek LLC and Mr. Igor Valerievich Kolomoisky v. the Russian Federation
Hearing on the merits and remaining issues of jurisdiction and admissibility held in The Hague.
Ukraine can become production hub of Canada
The Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement and the EU-Ukraine free trade agreement greenlight the production of goods and services on the territory of Ukraine and their deliveries both back to Canada and to the European Union.
High Court rules in favour of JKX in Ukraine dispute
The High Court has dismissed an application by Ukraine to set aside the Uncitral arbitration award in favour of JKX Oil & Gas.
Ukraine, Turkey start 8th round of negotiations on FTA
Ukraine begins the eighth round of negotiations on a free trade agreement with Turkey.
Sanofi Aventis Ukraine seeks to file claim to international court to protect investment in Ukraine
Sanofi Aventis Ukraine LLC, part of Sanofi global pharmaceutical company, seeks to file a claim against Ukraine to the International Investment Arbitration.
Free trade agreement between Ukraine and Canada comes into force
The free trade agreement between Ukraine and Canada officially comes into force on August 1, and Canada will cancel customs duties on 99.9% of Ukrainian imports. Duty free exports of Canadian goods,will grow to 98%.
Ukraine, Israel begin 6th round of talks on FTA
The delegations of Ukraine and Israel will hold the sixth round of negotiations on the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries in Kyiv on July 26-27, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine told Interfax-Ukraine on July 26.
Ukraine Association Agreement deal sealed ahead of Kyiv summit
After years of delay, the EU formally approved the Association Agreement with Ukraine.
Hague court OKs Ukrainian case against Russia
The Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague has said it has jurisdiction to hear the case of a Ukrainian company seeking to recover damages for property lost when Russia annexed Crimea.
Canada completes ratification of FTA with Ukraine
The Governor General of Canada signed the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement following the approval by the House of Commons and the Senate of the Canadian Parliament.
Dutch senators approve compromise on EU-Ukraine pact
Dutch senators backed a hard-won compromise to ratify an amended EU-Ukraine deal, clearing one of the final hurdles for approval of the deal to help nudge Kyiv closer to the West.
Corporate sovereignty used to bully Ukraine, Colombia and Italy for protecting public health and the environment
ISDS is an attempt to remove the risk of investment from companies, and place it squarely on the public’s shoulders, without any quid pro quo.