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MSF protest over EU India trade talks
MSF staff and supporters rally outside the offices of the European Commission to deliver an open letter of protest against ongoing trade talks between the European Union and India that could damage access to affordable medicines.
Protest action against the EU-India FTA - Brussels
Against the backdrop of the 8th ASEM, the Belgian Platform for Action on Health and Solidarity held a protest action against the EU-India FTA during the Asia-Europe People’s Forum, in front of the European Commission in Brussels on 4 October 2010.
People living with HIV lathi charged & arrested during demonstration against the EU-India FTA
As DNP+ members were proceeding towards the final “die in”, the Delhi police lathi charged (hit them with sticks) the HIV+ people and finally picked up five of the protestors. Few of the HIV+ people including a person suffering from spinal TB were beaten up by the police.
South Korean farmers protest against free trade with China
Chanting slogans, shaving their heads and painting banners using their own blood, more than 10,000 farmers gathered in downtown Seoul for the biggest rally by the farmers this year.
Trade agreement backed by MEPs
MEPs have broadly welcomed new safeguard measures being brought in as part of a free trade agreement between the EU and South Korea.
Indian milk protests could harm Free Trade deal
Shiv Shena protestors angry over their government’s dairy deal with NZ giant Fonterra drained valuable milk from a tanker and are threatening to torch a Fonterra shipment next month.
IFG and allies rally for "New deal or no deal" at TPP talks in SF
International Forum on Globalisation protest at TPP negotiations in San Francisco
Stop the shameful EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
Already this year, more than 30 union activists have been murdered.
Taiwanese protest trade deal with China
Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of Taiwan’s parliament on Thursday. Led by the main opposition party, the protesters called for a referendum on a free trade deal that is due to be signed with China in June.
EU-LatAm trade deals dangerous for both sides says José Bové
“I think these agreements are dangerous for South American producers and for European producers. For example, the agro-food industry today wants to export huge amounts of milk, to try to offload surplus; that’s only for its benefit. It risks harming major milk producers Uruguay, Argentina and others.”
EU-India trade talks resume under cloud of concern for public health
Negotiations on the EU-India free trade agreement continue tomorrow in Brussels amid warnings from NGOs from India and Europe about possible negative consequences for the public health of poor citizens in India
Beef in Taiwan: Tongues, tails and testicles
US beef has become a political issue across East Asia. After North Korean nukes and the value of the Chinese yuan, it’s one of the biggest headaches for American diplomats.
Tarsands complaint goes before NAFTA watchdog
A Canadian environment group is claiming the federal government is breaking its own laws when it comes to the tar sands, and plans to take its concerns to NAFTA.
Anti-mining activists killed in El Salvador
For the second time in a week, a prominent anti-mining activist has been assassinated in El Salvador.
Taiwan’s opposition may besiege Presidential Office to protest talks
Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party is planning to muster 100,000 people to take part in a march on Dec. 20 in the central city to voice the party’s opposition to the proposed cross-strait trade agreement, known as an economic cooperation framework agreement.
Peru protests fuel regional tensions
The recent clashes between the Peruvian government and indigenous peoples exacerbated tensions between Peru and neighbouring Bolivia whose indigenous president, Evo Morales, accused the Peruvian government of genocide against tribal protesters.
Stop the lethal repression against indigenous Peruvians
Call on the government of Alan Garcia to end the massacre of the indigenous peoples of Peru, and to pay for its crimes.
Put the brakes on the EU-Central America trade deal!
Right now, the EU-Central America Association Agreement is being actively negotiated and the European Commission is desperate to get it finalised by July. Yet, there are many concerns from civil society in both Central America and the European Union about the pace and content of these trade negotiations. Concerns are being voiced by some Central American governments too.
The EU-ASEAN free trade agreement: Region-to-region versus the bilateral approach
"ASEAN should build a different kind of regionalism and not sign bilateral Free Trade Agreements with the EU", says Malaysian MP Mr. Charles Santiago in Brussels in a debate with Mr. Bercero, chief negotiator for the EU in the EU-Korea FTA and Mr. Helmut Markov, chair of the Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament.
EU-India FTA: Public interest groups detained during protest
As the 6th round of negotiations related to the EU-India Free Trade Agreement got underway In Delhi today, the police detained several representatives of public interest groups during a peaceful protest in front of the office of the European Commission. Trade bureaucrats from the EC and Indian Commerce Ministry will deliberate on issues ranging from services, manufacturing, trade facilitation and government procurement till 19 March.