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Israel has signed FTAs with Canada, Colombia, EFTA, Egypt, the EU, Jordan, Mercosur, Mexico, Panama, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the US and Vietnam. It is currently negotiating an FTA with India, slated for completion in 2012, and is still eyeing possible deals with Colombia, South Korea, Russia, Thailand and the Ukraine.

last update: Septiembre 2016

Free trade with South America a step closer
A free trade agreement between Israel and Mercosur took another step towards realization recently with the closure of a second round of talks.
Israel, Mercosur negotiating free-trade agreement
Israel has initiated negotiations for a free-trade agreement with Mercosur. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor director general Raanan Dinur said, “This is one of the most important steps Israel has taken in foreign trade in recent years.”
Israel, Hungary sign economic cooperation agreement
Israel and Hungary have signed an economic cooperation agreement and a statement of intent on cooperation in R&D.
Israel signs South American trade agreement
Israel signed an agreement to expand trade with a South American free-trade alliance. The deal is aimed at eventually creating a free-trade area between Israel and MERCOSUR, which encompasses Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Israel seeks free trade agreement with Mercosur bloc
At the end of last week, Minister of Finance and Industry, Trade and Labor Ehud Olmert met with Brazil’s State of Sao Paolo Governor Geraldo Alckmin in order to promote a free trade region with the Mercosur bloc (Mercado Comun del Sur), comprising Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The signing of a framework agreement is expected in December.
Olmert: Free trade pact with S. America close
Israel is close to signing the free trade agreement with the Mercado Comun del Sur (Mercosur) countries in South America, acting Finance Minister Ehud Olmert indicated yesterday.
Israel, Mercosur nations negotiating free trade agreement
Israel is beginning negotiations for a free trade agreement with the Mercado Comun del Sur (Mercosur) countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay).
Israel, Romania to jointly export duty-free goods to EU
Israel and Romania have signed an upgraded trade agreement, which will enable companies from both countries to jointly export goods to the EU, duty free.
Israel seeks investment treaty with Chaebol
Israel has expressed keen interest in forming state-corporation bilateral investment pacts with Samsung and LG apart from the inter-state BIT between Seoul and Jerusalem.
Israel seeks bilateral FTA deal with Thailand
Israel is interested in a free-trade agreement with Thailand in order to enhance economic and political ties between the countries and triple trade value in the next four years.