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The Singaporean government has taken on a very active programme of FTA negotiations, further deepening its position as a business hub of Southeast Asia. It has signed bilateral deals with New Zealand (2000), Japan (2002), EFTA (2002), Australia (2003), the US (2003), Jordan (2004), the quadrilateral Pacific 4 (2005), India (2005), Korea (2005), Panama (2006), Peru (2008), China (2008), Qatar (2008), the Gulf Cooperation Council (2008) and Costa Rica (2010). Negotiations with Mexico, Canada, Colombia, SACU, Egypt, Ukraine, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are ongoing. There has been talk of further FTAs with Iran and Morocco.

Additionally, Singapore is part of the ASEAN bloc which is currently working towards an FTA with the EU, India, and Australia/New Zealand, as well as full implementation of the deal with China.

last update: May 2012

GCC-Singapore FTA comes into effect
The Gulf Cooperation Council-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (GSFTA) came into effect on Sunday, 1 September.
FTA to bring more opportunities for Singapore, Costa Rica
The Singapore-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement (SCRFTA) took effect on July 1.
PM Lee on Japan FTA: ’Let’s go for ambitious review’
Singapore would like the ongoing review of its free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan to be an "ambitious review", and not one resulting in just minor adjustments, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in Tokyo on Wednesday, after meetings with its top leaders.
Taiwan, S’pore close to signing FTA
After two years of negotiations, Taiwan and Singapore may be close to signing a free trade agreement.
Singapore keen to start exploratory talks on FTA with Turkey
Singapore is keen to begin exploratory talks on a Free Trade Agreement with Turkey.
Singapore to have more access to China’s service industries
China is key to Singapore diversifying its risks in an uncertain global economy, and that is why the Republic also supports China’s intention to promote the use of the yuan in the global market, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday.
S’pore-EU FTA talks going well
Talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) between the European Union and Singapore are progressing well.
S’pore set to have ’green FTA’ with EU
Singapore is set to be the first country in the world to have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU), that will promote the green technology sector.
S’pore, Colombia discuss FTA
Singapore has begun negotiations with Colombia on a free trade agreement (FTA), Colombian press said on Monday.
Singapore, Costa Rica ink FTA
Singapore and Costa Rica signed the Singapore-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement on Tuesday.