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The Singaporean government has taken on a very active programme of FTA negotiations, further deepening its position as a business hub of Southeast Asia. It has signed bilateral deals with New Zealand (2000), Japan (2002), EFTA (2002), Australia (2003), the US (2003), Jordan (2004), the quadrilateral Pacific 4 (2005), India (2005), Korea (2005), Panama (2006), Peru (2008), China (2008), Qatar (2008), the Gulf Cooperation Council (2008) and Costa Rica (2010). Negotiations with Mexico, Canada, Colombia, SACU, Egypt, Ukraine, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are ongoing. There has been talk of further FTAs with Iran and Morocco.

Additionally, Singapore is part of the ASEAN bloc which is currently working towards an FTA with the EU, India, and Australia/New Zealand, as well as full implementation of the deal with China.

last update: May 2012

Singapore says FTA with Taiwan possible, without politics
Singapore Saturday expressed optimism about enhanced economic cooperation with Taiwan as long as issues involving trade are not politicised.
Singapore not yet approached about FTA talks with Taiwan - government
Singapore has noted Taiwan president-elect Ma Ying-jeou’s plans to resume talks for a free trade agreement with the city-state but said it has not been approached officially. Talks had started before 2000 but broke off under the administration of outgoing President Chen Shui-bian, partly under pressure from China and partly because of a dispute over how to refer to Taiwan.
Singapore to promote trade ties with Middle East
Singapore has completed a free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a senior official said Tuesday.
Singapore to sign FTA with Gulf countries
The Singapore-UAE bilateral FTA talks have been abandoned for a broader GCC-Singapore FTA. The negotiations were progressing for some time but now they have shifted to the GCC level and we are about to sign an agreement.
Singapore, Gulf Cooperation Council agree on free trade pact
The Singapore government said Thursday it has substantively concluded negotiations with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council for a free trade agreement. The final round of talks, held from 28-31 January 2008, was the last of four that started in January 2007.
Singapore, Oman agree to boost bilateral investments
The Investment Guarantee Agreement between the two countries is expected to give businesses greater confidence and protection when investing. It will also help in the free trade agreement talks between Singapore and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
Singapore says it expects to conclude free trade agreement with China by 2008: report
Singapore’s deputy prime minister said the city-state expects to conclude a free trade agreement with China next year, a newspaper reported Thursday.
Singapore leaders, GCC Secretary General discuss free trade agreement
The visiting Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Mr Abdulrahman Hamad Al-Attiyah, met Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday.
Ukraine, Singapore begin FTA negotiations
Ukraine and Singapore have begun negotiations for a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
S’pore-US FTA a boost to bilateral trade, has potential to grow
The US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has helped boost bilateral trade significantly and there is still potential to grow further.