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Asia & Pacific

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of Asia and the Pacific region.

Mongolia to push for trade ties with S.Korea
Mongolian Prime Minister expressed strong expectations for an economic partnership agreement with South Korea.
Free trade – not turf rows – tipped to top China, Japan, South Korea summit agenda
The leaders of three of Asia’s biggest economies will aim to advance a free-trade agreement and economic cooperation, putting territorial rows and military tensions aside at an expected trilateral summit in April, Chinese diplomatic observers said.
In the economic power struggle for Asia, Trump and Xi Jinping are switching policies
Donald Trump is flexing the United States’ economic muscle in East Asia by introducing a web of new-generation bilateral trade deals to contain China’s challenge. But Beijing is fighting back by political means.
The US and Kazakhstan – An economic partnership for the 21st century
Kazakhstan and the United States cooperate within the framework of the Central Asia Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreement, which promotes increased trade within the region.
PNG eyeing economic partnership with India
The Papua New Guinea government’s fact-finding mission to India has resulted in the drafting of a Papua New Guinea-India economic partnership agreement.
Taiwan eyes ’important role’ in alternative Asian sphere of influence
Mainland affairs minister intrigued by Trump references to ’Indo-Pacific’.
Iran, Pakistan finalize draft of free trade agreement
Pakistan and Iran have finalized the draft of the much-awaited Free Trade Agreement and the expeditious resolution of banking channel issues.
Turkey, South Korea look to capitalize on free trade agreement, boost service trade
Turkish and South Korean announced the completion of the approval processes for the Free Trade Agreement. The approval processes of the Service Trade Agreement will also be completed soon, they also stated.
China trumps India yet again over Maldives; gains geopolitical influence with trade deal
In November 2016, the Maldives said that it would sign its first free trade agreement soon, ostensibly with India. A year later, the island country has indeed signed its first FTA, but with China.
TPP11 and RCEP compared: A side-by-side update
Chart reflects the TPP11 changes and the expansion of the agenda in RCEP.


  • ABAC
    APEC Business Advisory Council is pushing for an FTA among APEC members
  • ASEAN Briefing
    ASEAN Briefing is a platform dedicated to the various and increasing number of trade treaties and agreements throughout the ASEAN region, produced by tax and legal professionals Dezan Shira & Associates.
  • Asia Regional Integration Center
    Database of bilateral and plurilateral FTAs with at least one of Asian Development Bank’s 48 regional members as signatory.
  • Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand FTA
    An Australian government webpage on the Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand FTA negotiations, agreed to end 2004 and begun early 2005.
  • Macau-China FTA
    Official website on the Macau-China Closer Economic Partnership Agreement
  • PANG
    The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) plays the role of the Pacific regional “peoples’ watchdog on trade issues”.