Social movements


  • RQIC
    Le Réseau Québécois sur l’Intégration Continentale fait campagne contre l’Accord économique et commercial global (AÉCG) entre le Canada et l’Union européenne
  • Seattle to Brussels Network
    The S2B network was formed in the aftermath of the WTO’s 1999 Seattle Ministerial to challenge the corporate-driven agenda of the European Union and other European governments for continued global trade and investment liberalisation.
  • Sin maiz, no hay pais
    Campaña Nacional en defensa de la Soberanía Alimentaria y la reactivación del Campo mexicano
  • Sin pelos en la lengua: NO al TLC
    Espacio alternativo a los medios de (des)información tradicionales que dice las verdades sobre el TLC sin pelos en la lengua
  • SOMO
    SOMO links the negotiations and rules on international trade and investment with the actual conduct of corporations within these rules and agreements.
  • Stop fast track!
    10 days to stop fast track in the United States: Jan 22 - 31 2014
  • Stop ISDS
    Corporations have too much power. It’s time to take it back from them!
  • Stop Peru FTA
    From the US-based Campaign to Repeal the Peru Free Trade Agreement
  • Stop TAFTA - Non au grand marché transatlantique
    Site internet du collectif français Stop TAFTA
  • Stop the EU-India FTA facebook page
  • Stop the SPP! Arrêter le PSP!
    The Outaouais Ottawa Stop SPP coalition consists of individuals and groups who have come together to mobilize for the Bush-Harper-Calderon meeting in Montebello, Quebec on August 18-21, 2007.
  • Stop the TTIP: European Citizen’s Initiative
    Organisations from all across Europe are currently gearing up for a European Citizens’ Initiative with the aim of repealing the European Union’s negotiating mandate for the Transatlantic Trade Investor Partnership and not concluding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.
  • Stop TPP & TiSA
    Stop TPP & TiSA Petition / Petición contra TPP y TiSA / Pétition contre TPP et TiSA
  • Stop TPP Action
    Japanese alliance website
  • Stop TTIP Italia
    Italy’s Stop TTIP campaign website
  • Stop TTIP platform Czech Republic
    Platforma STOP TTIP vznikla na začátku roku 2015 s cílem informovat o rizicích obsažených v připravované smlouvě mezi EU a USA.
  • Stop TTIP-CETA-TiSA Day of Action 11Oct
    Website to support the European Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA on 11 October 2014. Please join and share!
  • Stop TTIP-CETA-TiSA Greece
  • Stop TTIP/CETA demo 17 Sep
    Website for Germany’s nationwide mass rally in 7 cities on 17 September 2016 against TTIP and CETA
  • Target: WTO | CommonFront | Bilateral FTA
    Target: WTO | CommonFront | is maintained by an autonomous network of direct action activists and allies who are adversely affected by WTO policies. It was created during the struggle against MC6 in Hong Kong.
  • Thai Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (TNP+)
    TNP+ has been instrumental in disseminating information about the implications for Thailand in signing a Free Trade Agreement with the USA and is concerned that a Thai-US FTA will strengthen existing patents on medicines, leading to an increase in the price of drugs.
  • The autumn of action
    Last days of CETA - September to November 2016
  • The Chevron Pit
    A blog maintained by the team suing Chevron for the oil giant’s human rights problems in Ecuador and across the world
  • The consumer view on TTIP
    Dedicated blog from BEUC, the European Consumers Organisation
  • The EPA Exposed
    Under the EPAs we are about to become the consumers to a master-supplier in a master servant relationship.
  • Third World Network
    TWN’s website is a good source of information and analysis about what’s happening within the multilateral trade system (WTO, UNCTAD, G77, etc).
  • TiSA means trouble
    ITF’s TiSA central page providing information and campaign material
  • TiSA uncovered
    A coalition of concerned groups have created this site to give people across the world a chance to see what their governments are signing up to on their behalf and to create an international network of engaged activists and citizens. Maintained by Public Services International and Our World is Not For Sale. (EN, ES)
  • TPP Watch
    TPPWatch is a network of concerned unions, groups and individuals formed to organise and support initiatives to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
  • TPP: What you don’t know will hurt you
    Site run by Public Citizen in the US
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