Social movements


  • TPPxBorder
    Cross-border network against the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Trade & war in Colombia
    Resources for making the connections between trade agreements and war (AFSC)
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Digest
    The website, supported by the University of Auckland, aims to provide an easily accessible and comprehensive database of resources for researchers, activists, officials and others to encourage informed debate and critical engagement with the issues arising from the proposed TPP agreement and to influence the negotiations.
  • Treat the treaty [FR/EN]
    Bande dessinée sur TAFTA. / Comic on TTIP.
  • Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos (TPP) México
    El TPP México tiene como finalidad visibilizar la situación de violencia estructural imperante vivida en México a raíz de la firma de numerosos tratados del libre comercio, e intentar desnudar los mecanismos de simulación y desvío de poder que sistemáticamente ejerce el Estado mexicano para mantener en pie dicha política económica.
  • TTIP Demo
    Website of the mass mobilisation in Berlin against TTIP and CETA on 10 October 2015
  • TTIP game over
    Where civil disobedience and creativity meet to stop TTIP, CETA and all free trade deals (EN, FR, NL)
  • TTIP Information Network Ireland
    Website of the Irish coalition against TTIP
  • TTIP Leaks
    Greenpeace Netherlands has released secret EU-US #TTIP negotiations. You should have access to these texts, because democracy needs transparency! TTIP poses a great threat to the environment and food safety. #TTIPleaks
  • TTIP or not
    TTIPOrNot is an independent citizens’ initiative whose main objective is to encourage everyone to stand up against the TTIP by signing the petition.
  • TTIP Stoppen
    Austrian campaign website
  • TTIP unfairhandelbar
    TTIP - No Thanks! A coalition of German NGOs active in the field of agriculture, environment, development and trade policy was launched to critically monitor the negotiations between the EU Commission and the US government.
  • TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs
    Tracking the twists and turns of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and spelling out what it really means
  • TTIP-info-verkosto
    Finnish TTIP-info network
  • TTIP-Netværket
    Danish anti-TTIP network
  • TTIP: Beware what lies beneath
    This site is an initiative of the Green/EFA Group of the European Parliament, a platform for concerned stakeholders to discuss the current state of the negotiations and what they could mean for citizens and democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Universidad contral el TLC
    Un nuevo blog costarricense
  • is a Finnish site focused on free trade issues, especially big free trade agreements, as TTIP, TiSA and CETA.
  • VoiceofPeople
    The VoiceofPeople is a progressive internet press outfit in Korea covering the FTA struggle.
  • We won’t give up Rosia Montana!
    Romania’s new government wants to give the green light to the Rosia Montana gold mine in return for a deal with Gabriel Resources dropping its ISDS arbitration case against the government.​ Take action now!
  • WikiLeaks on TiSA
    Leaks and analyses of the Trade in Services Agreement. Maintained by WikiLeaks.
  • Yo Firmo
    Sitio de la Campaña YO FIRMO 2008, en Costa Rica, para consultar los proyectos UPOV
  • Youtube > TTIP
    Quick link to videos about TTIP and the people’s fight against it on Youtube
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