Social movements


  • KMU gegen TTIP
    Austrian SMEs against TTIP
  • Know TTIP
    Together with the US Government and the EU Commission corporation representatives compose a free trade agreement called TTIP in secret negotiations. It’s goal is to crack down trading obstacles. This vague formulation concretely means, that social, health and ecological standards in the EU will be lowered.
  • Korea Alliance against KorUS FTA (KoA)
    The Korean Alliance against KorUS FTA is developing an English section of its website.
  • Korean Civil Society Coalition against KORUS FTA on Intellectual Property Rigthts
    Korean Civil Society Coalition against KORUS FTA on Intellectual Property Rigthts (KCSC) is deeply worried about the Korea-US FTA negotiations especially on the issue of IPRs such as copyright, patent and trademark and strongly opposes the whole process of Korea-US FTA negotiations.
  • Korean People’s Action against FTA and WTO (KoPA)
    KoPA is a coalition of around 50 NGOs, social movement organizations, political parties, peasant organizations and trade unions working, among other things, to stop bilateral and regional free trade agreements and the WTO.
  • L’ALE et ses conséquences
    Un forum chez sur la négociation de l’ALE entre les Etats-Unis et le Maroc.
  • La Quadature du Net: CETA portal
    Leaked drafts of CETA text
  • La Quadature du Net: CETA portal
    Leaked drafts of CETA texts
  • La Quadature du Net: TAFTA documents
    Consolidated wiki page on TAFTA
  • La Via Campesina
    La Via Campesina is an international movement of peasant organisations, farm workers, rural women and indigenous communities. (English, Spanish, French, Portguese)
  • LMO’s trade news website
    Website run by a student at Northern Arizona University focusing on US FTAs, in particular US trade relations with SACU in southern Africa.
  • Magkaisa Junk JPEPA
    Multisectoral effort to defeat an unfair and environmentally unjust bilateral trade agreement with Japan
  • Media Trade Monitor
    Media Trade Monitor is a resource pool for information about the impact of global, regional, and bilateral trade agreements on media, culture, and communication.
  • Mexico Mejor Sin TPP
    Convergencia de Organizaciones Sociales y Ciudadanxs contra el Acuerdo Transpacífico de Cooperación Económica (TPP por sus siglas en inglés)
  • Moana Nui 2011
    Pua Mohala I Ka Po in collaboration with the International Forum on Globalization presents an international conference on Pacific transitions: "Moana Nui: Pacific peoples, lands and economies", November 9-11, 2011 Honolulu, Hawaii
    MORFNG stands for "Mobilize and Organize to Resist the US-South Korea FTA and Neoliberal Globalization", a blog set up in May 2006.
  • Movimiento Boliviano de lucha contra el TLC y el ALCA
    Website of the Bolivian movement against the US-Andean FTA and the FTAA. Maintains an English section.
  • Movimiento Cultura frente al TLC
    El Movimiento Cultura frente al TLC es un colectivo de artistas que viaja por las comunidades llevando música, teatro, poesía, danza, pintura y talleres, informando a l@s costarricenses sobre las graves consecuencias que tendría para nuestro país la aplicación del Tratado de "Libre" "Comercio" (TLC)
    A multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese) website focusing on social movements and their campaigns, including those against bilateral and regional FTAs.
  • MSF RCEP page
    Medecins Sans Frontiere’s access to medecine campaign page on RCEP
  • Não à Parceria Transatlântica de Comércio e Investimento (TTIP)
    Grupo de Portugal para análise crítica ao Acordo UE-EUA (TTIP)
  • Network for Justice in Global Investment
    The Network for Justice in Global Investment is a joint effort by citizens and organizations in a variety of countries to challenge one of the most anti-democratic aspects of the global economic order – the rules governing international investment.
  • New Zealand not for sale
  • New Zealand Not For Sale Campaign
    An extended P4 Agreement with the US, if it becomes reality, will be a mini-MAI for New Zealand. It must be stopped, at all costs.
  • NO
    NO, NO, TLC, NO - de Costa Rica
  • NO 2 ISDS!
    Web tool set up by AK Europa, ÖGB Europabüro and Friends of the Earth Europet to help people take part in the EU consultation — until 6 July 2014 — on investor-state dispute settlement as proposed for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
  • No AFTA (Andean Free Trade Agreement), a collaboration between several Independent Media Centres, is designed to be a central point of information for the Andean Free Trade Agreement talks in Tucson, Arizona (30 November - 4 December 2004).
  • No al TLC
    No al Tratado de Libre Comercio entre EE.UU y Costa Rica
  • No al TTIP
    Campaña contra el Tratado Transatlántico de Comercio e Inversiones
  • No Association with Occupation!
    Take action to suspend the EU-Israel free trade agreement!
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