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Vietnam signed a fairly comprehensive bilateral trade agreement (BTA) with the United States in 2000. It came into force in 2001. The BTA was part of the post-war "trade normalisation" process between the two countries and should be seen as strong precursor to a watertight US FTA. In June 2007, Hanoi and Washington signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, yet another step towards a possible FTA. And in December 2008, the two governments began negotiating a hardcore bilateral investment treaty (BIT), yet another.

In January 2007, Hanoi and Tokyo began talks towards a Japan-Vietnam deal, which was finally signed in December 2008. Shortly after, Vietnam began talks with Chile, with the FTA signed in 2011. Hanoi already signed an FTA with Israel back in 2004 and may join the TPP. It is also intending to negotiate FTAs with EFTA, Russia and Mexico

As a member of ASEAN, Vietnam is caught up in the bloc’s regional FTA dealings with Korea, the EU, China, Japan and India. The Vietnamese government has also signed a number of bilateral intellectual property and science & technology agreements with industrialised countries, as well as more than 30 BITs.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Phó Nháy/Wikimedia

Vietnam, Canada discuss bilateral investment pact
Hanoi has requested Canada to consider Vietnam a developing country and limit its requirements within current international treaties while negotiating a bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement.
Vietnam-US TIFA council convenes in Washington
The Vietnam-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Council held a regular meeting in Washington from June 18-20.
US, Vietnam launch talks for investment treaty
The United States and Vietnam have agreed to launch talks for a bilateral investment treaty as their companies signed several deals during a visit by Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Tan Dung.
Vietnam, Chile eye free trade agreement
Vietnam and Chile have established a joint mission to study the feasibility of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Japan and Vietnam speed up EPA talks
Japan and Vietnam started the seventh negotiation round on a bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), in Tokyo on April 7.
EU, Vietnam launch talks on new bilateral pact
The new Vietnam-EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which would replace a 1995 pact, will "facilitate deeper economic and commercial integration between the European Union and Vietnam preceding a future Free Trade Agreement between the EU and countries of ASEAN."
Viet Nam: US set to become top investor, trade leader
The US is set to become Viet Nam’s number one investor in the next two years, President of the US-ASEAN Trade Council Matthew P Daley said yesterday.
US eyes bilateral investment treaty with Vietnam
The US aims to ink a bilateral investment treaty with Vietnam, according to the US ambassador.
Vietnam: Scores of billion dollar US deals in the pipeline
Many heavy-hitting US companies are set to capitalise on the groundwork set by the US-Vietnam bilateral trade agreement.
Nguyen ready for FTA with India
The Vietnamese government today said it was open to the idea of signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India.