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Open letter regarding the future trade and investment agreement between the EU and Egypt
In a letter addressed to the representatives of the European Commission, FIDH, CNCD 11.11.11 and Aitec express their concerns on the way human rights are taken into account in the impact assessment regarding the future DCFTA between the EU and Egypt.
After South Africa, Indonesia takes a brave decision to terminate its BIT with the Netherlands
Last week, the Indonesian government announced that it will terminate its Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the Netherlands, joining the growing number of countries concerned about the excessive corporate rights enshrined in investment agreements.
Obama is negotiating an agreement that could unleash fracking around the world. See how.
The translantic trade agreement would undermine hard-fought regulations and open up a large part of the world to greater exploitation without regulation. Fracking would go global.
S2B statement and Burmese CSO letter against EU-Myanmar Investment Treaty
A letter by over 70 Burmese CSOs plus a statement by the Seattle to Brussels Network on the EU-Myanmar bilateral investment treaty negotiations.
Taiwan’s sunflower protests explained
This initial act of civil disobedience has blossomed into a wider political movement.
Mexico, Panama finish free-trade talks
Mexian President Enrique Peña Nieto called the trade pact "another significant step toward Panama’s future participation in the Pacific Alliance, an inclusion which Mexico supports." The Pacific Alliance is a trade bloc that includes Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.
Investor treaties in trouble
Several countries are reviewing these agreements, prompted by the number of cases brought by foreign companies who claim that changes in government policies affect their future profits.
NZ-EU free trade pact under consideration
New Zealand and the European Union are to pursue a free trade pact – but don’t expect any action until at least 2015.
GM canola letter from European Commissioner Tonio Borg
Letter from European Commissioner Tonio Borg about authorising genetically modified canola, as part of CETA negotiations
Boediono meets with Netherlands
Indonesian VP Boediono met with Dutch PM Mark Rutte on Sunday and explained that Indonesia’s decision not to extend its bilateral investment treaty with the Netherlands was common to all countries with bilateral investment agreements with Indonesia that would soon end.
Petition to President of Taiwan
An unjust and undemocratic agreement between Taiwan and China is now in progress. This agreement will significantly threaten Taiwan’s economy, political and economic autonomy, democracy and people’s right.
BD for economic partnership deal with Japan
Bangladesh on Saturday expressed its keen interest in concluding an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Japan.
Indonesia indicates intention to terminate all of its bilateral investment treaties?
According to the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia has informed the Netherlands that it has decided to terminate the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the two nations from 1 July 2015. The Embassy also states that “the Indonesian Government has mentioned it intends to terminate all of its 67 bilateral investment treaties“.
China welcomes Swiss parliament’s FTA approval
The decision by the Swiss parliament to approve the Chinese-Swiss Free Trade Agreement (FTA) last week was welcomed by China on Monday.
Civil society groups intensify opposition to EPAs
Economic Justice Network, a body comprising the Christian Council, Trade Union Congress and other civil society groups will next week petition President John Mahama to not sign the Economic Partnership Agreement.
TTIP and the big pharma wish-list
A report by the Commons Network and civil society partners shows that the pharmaceutical industry’s wish list for the TTIP is detrimental for public health, will increase the cost of medicines and undermines democratic processes
Egypt planning negotiations with Russia-led Customs Union over free trade zone
Egypt is exploring the possibility of negotiatng a free trade zone between Egypt and the countries of the Customs Union, which include Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Ukraine crisis gives new impetus to EU-US trade talks, US says
Russia’s annexation of Crimea underlines the need for the United States and the European Union to deepen their economic ties via an ambitious trade deal that would also allow Europe to import US gas, Washington’s top trade official said on Saturday.
Manila, Washington begin consultations on Philippines’ possible TPP entry
A Philippine government delegation recently met with a top official of the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) to explore Manila’s possible participation in a new free trade area that Washington is pushing among Asia-Pacific countries.
European Union signs landmark association agreement with Ukraine
More substantial parts of the agreement concerning free trade will only be signed after Ukraine has held new presidential elections in May, reports Reuters.