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    Pienso que es muy triste que personas que ni siquiera se hayan tomado el tiempo para leer el tratado esten emitiendo criterios, basados en envidias, complejos y nacionalismos estupidos. Lo peor de todo es que lo que quieren es que el sistemas politico pierda legitimidad y convertirse en un Venezuela. Espero y le pido a Dios que los costarricenses no se dejen llevar por los comentarios populistas y por personas que tienen la ideologia en el lado izquierdo, pero la mano en el bolsillo derecho ya que viven como reyes, y predican y predican y lo que son es unos doble moral de primera. Abajo los sindicatos, y los Chavez.


    There is no doubt that the situation is improving comparing to the last decade, but still a lot of work needed in order to achieve a healthy and prosperous business environment. I think a alongside with the reforms of the banking systems there is an urgent need for reforms in the legal system and the jurisdiction practices which still incredibly very corrupted and in favour of people who have connections with those in the government or in the army. I believe the only remedy for this is the creation of an independent legal association formed by lawyers and advocates who can play a role of watch dog over the jurisdiction practices in the courts whether in civil or criminal matters, (how can a business man/woman have assurances that a legal dispute would have a fair trial without any external pressure from those who have power?).
    Another factor which I believe can contribute in creating a healthy business environment is through increasing the competency of the staff in the local governments and the creation of a system which can control and hold the decision makers accountable for their acts. As an example to illustrate my point: the practices in the local government in handling and processing tenders for local projects still in its traditional ways which is usually based on higher bribery not on the basis of competency and the ability of entrepreneurs. As a consequence the quality and standards of the infrastructures such as roads are really appalling (holes in the roads, bursting sewages, electricity and telephone cables hanging dangerously over the road users). How the values of assets can be maintained in such chaotic urban environment.
    Taking in accounts the urban chaos in most cities where street don’t have names and houses without numbers, I think there is an urgent need for more reforms in those areas which are prior than the reforms in the banking systems; can you imagine a bank chasing its debtors in those conditions?

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