Summary of documents from “To oppose FTAs: Making people matter”

Asia Pacific Research Network | 18 Mar 2008

Summary of documents from “To Oppose FTAs: Making People Matter”

We are pleased to inform everyone that we have uploaded some of the papers and PPT presented at the “To Oppose FTAs: Making People Matter” held last September 4-6, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.

Papers available:

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands
Nic Maclellan

China’s Agenda
Pao-yu Ching

Free Trade Agreements and Security Concerns
Kinda Mohamadieh
Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)

New developments on services and investment in FTAs
Jane Kelsey
ARENA (Action, Research,Education Network of Aoteroa)

Securing the world for nukes and fossil

Geoff Evans
Mineral Policy Institute

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and Military Alliance
Koshida Kiyokazu
Pacific Asia Resource Center

Synopsis: War on Terror and Free Trade
Elmer Labog and Peter Murphy

Korea-US FTA and Social Movements in Korea
Mikyung Ryu
Korean Alliance against Korea-US FTA

Powerpoint presentations during the conference (PDF view)

Please feel free to use these resources for your education and advocacy work. Spread the word!

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