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Trump administration’s Africa policy in focus at AGOA trade talks
With the Trump administration’s trade agenda focused on reining in China and renegotiating the North American Free Trade agreement, Africa has barely appeared on the radar screen.
After AGOA: SA must prepare for two-way free trade agreements with US
The Trump Administration has signalled its impatience to replace the AGOA preferential trade deal with Africa with normal two-way free trade agreements.
Ross: African countries face ‘critical question’
US Commerce Secretary delivered a tough message to African countries, urging them to strike bilateral trade deals with the United States and warning that the Trump administration would closely monitor their compliance with eligibility rules under the African Growth and Opportunity Act
US complains of disadvantage as EU-SADC trade deal kicks in
As the EU-SADC’s economic partnership agreement takes effect, the Obama administration has raised concerns that US companies have been left at a competitive disadvantage.
Congress to give AGOA some love
The short congressional session won’t be a total dead period for trade policy as the House is set to take up a bill today to enhance the African Growth and Opportunity Act.
60 000 tonnes de volailles américaines entreront bientôt en Afrique du sud
L’association sud-africaine des importateurs et exportateurs de viande (AMIESA) est prête à recevoir plus de 60 000 tonnes de volailles en provenance des USA.
South Africa ends trade row with US over chicken imports
South Africa has resolved a trade row with the US which threatened to throw South Africa out of its preferential trade programme over its refusal to allow the importation of American chickens.
SA is in ’extra time’ over Agoa – Rob Davies
The trade and industry minister insists SA will continue talks over the African Growth and Opportunity Act and it is for the US to "blow the whistle".
South Africa spurns free trade to protect its meat market
America and South Africa are beating the drumsticks of trade war
Obama punishes South Africa over chicken row
US president Barack Obama has suspended agricultural benefits to South Africa under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) after its repeated refusal to resume imports of US chicken.
A Libreville, les Africains dressent un bilan mitigé de l’accord de libre-échange avec les Etats-Unis
L’ouverture du marché américain qu’a permis la loi AGOA est une ouverture en trompe-l’œil. Les produits pétroliers et le textile ont été privilégiés, mais ceux-ci ne constituent pas l’essentiel du potentiel de l’ensemble des pays africains.
Agoa bill proposes three-year timeline for SA
A bill to renew the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) for 10 years would give the US Trade Representative expanded authority to deal with countries considered non compliant, like South Africa.
Barriers to SA markets a concern for US
The failure of the US and South Africa to achieve a free trade agreement in 2006 came to haunt them on Tuesday as their delegations gathered for consultations under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement signed in 1999.
Gambia dropped from US trade program
The Obama administration has announced that Gambia is no longer eligible for trade benefits under AGOA amid growing concerns over the country’s LGBT crackdown and other human rights abuses. South Sudan is also dropped.
US-Africa Summit - Are we up for a new deal?
The US Trade Representative Michael Froman argues for comprehensive trade and investment strategy – read possibly in the future, negotiate reciprocal trade agreements, à la EU-Africa Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) but with more binding investment clauses to protect the interests of US businessmen.
Michael Froman sets stage for Africa summit, AGOA debate
US Trade Representative Michael Froman on Tuesday called for a new “compact” to boost trade and investment with sub-Saharan African nations, as President Barack Obama prepares to meet with 50 African leaders next week and Congress looks at renewing a 14-year-old program for the region.
Govt, COMESA act to boost AGOA exports
The Zambian government in collaboration with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has put in place a committee which will look at ways and means of increasing exports to the Africa Growth Opportunity Act market in the United States of America.
Proposal to upgrade AGOA Into a US-Africa FTA
A paper has been issued by the Heritage Foundation that urges Congress and the Obama Administration to work together to renew and upgrade the African Growth and Opportunity Act to set the stage for a free trade agreement between the United States and Africa.
Obama’s Africa trip bolsters US interests
One major US-Africa issue was unresolved as Air Force One left Tanzania’s tarmac: the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a tariff-free trade deal that was devised during Clinton’s administration and expires in 2015, writes James Reinl for Al Jazeera.
The future of AGOA and US-Africa trade
At a time when the US was struggling to stay on its two feet in the heat of a looming economic meltdown in 2008, were hopes of better trade deals with Africa unrealistic when President Barack Obama was elected into office?