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FTA ’will open new era of ties’
US-Bahrain relations will enter a new era when the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) comes into force in the coming weeks, said US Ambassador William T Monroe yesterday.
FTAs: Much more than trade pacts
In keeping with the global trend, it is free trade agreement (FTA) talks galore in the Gulf. Apart from a deal with Lebanon, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are collectively and individually negotiating FTAs with the United States, European Union and India at present.
New trademark law
Bahrain is set to join the Trademark Law Treaty and Regulations enacted in Geneva, Switzerland in 1994.
Bahraini-US FTA likely to go into effect on August 1st
A US source, close to the Free Trade Agreement negotiations, said it is likely the Bahraini US commercial agreement will go into effect in early August 2006 after Bahrain endorses all Intellectual Copyright Laws.
FTA ’followed in letter and spirit’
The US government has confirmed that Bahrain is no longer part of an Arab boycott of Israeli products in line with its commitment to the bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
FTA clears last hurdle with Shura go-ahead
Six laws that should allow Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US to be activated cleared their final hurdle yesterday.
Industry and Commerce Minister opens workshop on exporting
Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr.Hasasan Abdullah Fakhro opened here on Saturday the first workshop on exporting Trade (ETT) organized by the by the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance ( VEGA ).
New FTA laws delay rapped
An MP accused the Commerce and Industry ministry of sleeping yesterday after it asked parliament to push through six new laws that should activate Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.
Final hurdle
Six laws that should allow Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US to be enacted were passed by MPs in a single sitting yesterday.It means the FTA could finally come into effect by July.
Free trade pact with Bahrain shortly
Pakistan and Bahrain will shortly ink Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which would boost trade between the two countries.
Postponement of implementing free trade agreement with USA
The American government demands that the Bahrain government enact laws protecting intellectual property rights for computer programs and patent registry as a condition for implementing the free trade agreement.
’New laws key to FTA’
A FEW pieces of legislation, mainly related to intellectual property rights, need to be passed in Bahrain before its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US can be implemented, US Ambassador William T Monroe said yesterday.However, this should not prevent both sides from marketing the FTA in full force, he said.
FTA panel probes setting up of joint business board
A Bahrain-US joint business board may be set up to speed up the implementation of Free Trade Agreement (FTA).The Bahrain FTA Implementation Committee yesterday discussed a proposal aimed at accelerating the implementation of the pact, the first signed between Washington and a Gulf state.
Bahrain-US business board to speed up FTA implementation
A joint Bahrain-US business board is being set up as part of a major initiative to speed up the implementation of the Bahrain-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as well as enhance the scope of benefits for both sides.
Opening a trade gateway
Hundreds of American companies have been invited to a key conference in Bahrain next week to discuss ways to enhance commercial ties between the two countries.
Free trade agreements: The quiet economic track of US Middle East policy
Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration has placed democratization and reform in the Middle East at the top of its agenda. While press reports have focused on political developments, another key component to the American strategy entails encouraging economic growth, modernization, and liberalization throughout the region.
Wake-up alarm over FTA delays
The sticking point for the US-Bahrain FTA to come into effect is intellectual property rights (IPR) legislation, which must be passed by Bahrain’s Parliament first
Bush signs Bahrain trade pact, a first for Gulf
President George W. Bush on Wednesday signed a bill enacting a free-trade agreement with Bahrain, the first such pact with a Gulf country and only the third with an Arab state.
First trade & investment mission to the USA completes successfully
A 14-member delegation from the Bahrain American Chamber of Commerce has returned after a successful trade mission to the US.
FTA - a passport of opportunities
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is a ’passport of opportunities’ and it is up to the business communities of both Bahrain and the US to see how best they can use this opportunity, the President of American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Samir Benmukhlouf, said yesterday.