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CAFTA in Costa Rica would cause deepening inequality
CAFTA is a legal instrument that favors multinational expansion without limits, leaving the most underprivileged sectors of Costa Rica totally unprotected, among them women and the poor. The strong movement against ratification of CAFTA will not end with the approval or rejection of the agreement on 7 October 2007, but could well be the seed of broader social transformation.
CAFTA a danger says Nobel Prize winner
Nobel Peace Prize winner Argentine Adolfo Perez Esquivel (1980) called on Costa Ricans to reject the free trade agreement with the United States or submit themselves to the US market.
Costa Rica dealt wild card in trade pact rift
With just over two weeks to go before Costa Ricans head to the polls to vote on a free-trade agreement with the United States and six other countries, Alfredo Volio should be a happy man. As head of the "yes" campaign championing the pact, known as CAFTA, he has watched public support climb in recent months. But that was before a memo written by CAFTA advocates was leaked to the public this month, fueling outrage here.
Costa Rica CAFTA referendum on October 7!!!
Unable to gain public and legislative support for CAFTA amidst broad-based public opposition, the Costa Rican government has set up a referendum vote on CAFTA on October 7. It will be a "yes" or "no" vote. Hear a 28 minute audio piece, a segment of the video documentary, "Costa Rica, Inc." for an indepth analysis of why opposition is so strong in that country.
US reassumes its dirty war against Nicaragua
Ortega continues to condemn the destabilization plans on the part of the government in Washington, and in the last few weeks has attacked the Free Trade Agreement signed by his country with the United States
Repression on FTA opponents denounced
The Costa Rican Human Rights Association denounced the increase of the police repression against local citizens, students and social leaders opposed to the Free Trade Agreement with US in their Sunday statement.
UNI solidarity mission urges Costa Rica to reject the proposed Free Trade Agreement
UNI Telecom Americas President told the Minister of Labour and Deputies from the Costa Rica National Assembly that the country should look to lessons from other free trade agreements, including from his country Mexico, where poverty had not decreased and the minimum wage was in effect lower than before the 43 trade agreements signed by Mexico.
University students protest tribunal resolution on CAFTA campaigns
Students from the University of Costa Rica and National University organized the protest against a Supreme Elections Tribunal resolution of July 12 which said that university personnel, like other public officials, cannot use public resources to campaign for or against the Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA).
CAFTA’s October referendum: A death sentence for Costa Rican foreign investment?
With a little under two months until the October referendum on the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, time is quickly running out for Costa Rican president Óscar Arias to gain the necessary public support to pass CAFTA. The trade pact is strongly opposed by those who believe that it will not help the Costa Rican economy, while being significantly beneficial to the US.
Costa Rica urged to fess up FTA survey
The Pro-Liberation Front against the Central America Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) demanded the Costa Rican government publish results of a poll it commissioned about the level of public support for the agreement.
Costa Rica opposition leader calls for renegotiation of Cafta
The top opposition leader in Costa Rica said he wants to renegotiate a free-trade agreement with the US, citing as a precedent the US revamping of a similar agreement with Peru.
Biofuels FTAs menace CentAm ag
The future of Central American agriculture is threatened by developed countries’ demand for biofuels and US-sponsored free trade agreements.
Anti-CAFTA camp protests outside tribunal
Leaders of the movement against the Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA) spoke to about 200 people yesterday outside the Supreme Elections Tribunal in San José.
Guatemala and Costa Rica: in and out of CAFTA
The growth in exports being celebrated by the Bank of Guatemala has nothing to do with CAFTA.
Guatemalans say US free trade costly
One year after CAFTA-DR took effect in Guatemala, the Guatemalan Social Organizations Collective (COS) presented evidence on Wednesday that its alleged benefits are deceptive and false.
Dominican Republic has yet to fully access Dr-Cafta trade deal
Dominican Republic still has some 10 commitments pending to fully access the Free Trade Agreement signed with the United States and Central America (DR-CAFTA), and for that reason confronts a situation defined as "serious" against its other competitors.
Costa Rica, free trade fewer jobs
Costa Rica’s PAC party (Citizen Action) president Otton Solis has warned of the potential increase in unemployment if CAFTA-DR, the free trade treaty with the United States, is approved.
Dominican Republic is ratified as head of Customs group for the Americas
Dominican Republic was ratified as country president of the Intellectual Property Work Group for the American Hemisphere, in recognition of the Customs Agency’s (DGA) work in copyrights, as the DR-CAFTA trade agreement and international treaties stipulate.
Latin nations bemoan China trade
It is billed as a "competitiveness" forum bringing business and government officials from across the Western Hemisphere to Atlanta with the goal of boosting trade, investment and livelihoods for the region’s 800 million citizens.
Anti-CAFTA leaders launch offensive
Leaders of the National Coordinator for the Fight Against CAFTA announced plans yesterday to hold demonstrations outside the Supreme Court, the Supreme Elections Tribunal, and the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.