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France: First supplier of imported products under Cameroon’s economic partnership with the EU
France is the first of four main suppliers for products imported to Cameroon under the economic partnership agreement with the European Union.
UK negotiates a post-Brexit EPA with Cameroon
The validation of a report on the trade impact of the bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Cameroon and the United Kingdom is the first step before the actual start of negotiations.
Chicken woman has a lesson on fowl play for SA
The EU threatens now and again to force Cameroon to open its markets, given its status as a signatory to the Economic Partnership Agreement.
Mise à niveau : Un rempart contre la disparition des entreprises locales
Depuis la ratification par le Cameroun, le 22 juillet 2014 de l’accord de partenariat économique avec l’Union Européenne les petites et moyennes entreprises camerounaises sont menacées par le spectre de déflagration.
Cameroon: Economic partnership agreement with EU reduces customs revenue
Though government overlooks at the 600 million lose, economists say it is not healthy for the country’s economy which is dangling at the moment and hope to emerge by 2035.
Interview with Yvonne Takang
Yvonne Takang has been campaigning and lobbying against Economic Partnership Agreements in Cameroon at the Association Citoyenne de Défense des Intérêts Collectifs
Cameroon goes it alone with controversial EU trade deal, angers regional partners
Many in Cameroon and the wider region worry that the unilateral signing of an Economic Partnership Agreement was a bad decision.
Cameroon starts implementing economic pact with European Union
Cameroon’s government said it has begun implementing an interim economic pact with the European Union that will lead to the reciprocal reduction of trade barriers.
Cameroon: economic partnership agreement - Cameroon’s readiness questioned
Liberalising its market at 80 per cent to the European market might be harzardous if the country is not prepared to face stiff competition that is expected to come with the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement, EPA.
Economic Partnership Agreements: Still a divisive issue
The opportunities that these agreements offer to Cameroon cannot counteract the threats of a loss in customs revenue, the risk of weakening the integration process and increased competition from EU products, experts say.
The EU and Cameroon implement an economic partnership agreement
The EU-Central Africa Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) for trade and development between the EU and Cameroon will enter into force in the coming days following the recent ratification of the agreement by Cameroon.
Cameroon to ratify economic partnership deal with EU amid doubts
Cameroon will soon ratify the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that it signed in 2009 with the European Union, despite reservations among regional African countries over the bloc’s alleged attempt to keep its dominance on its African partners.
EU-Cameroon trade deal a threat to central African development
Citing concerns over development and integration in Central Africa, GUE/NGL MEPs today voted against the ratification of an interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Cameroon in Brussels.
EU urges southern Africa to open up its markets
The European Parliament is now applying more pressure and has announced that if Cameroon and other sub-Saharan African countries do not sign by early 2014 that they will allow the EU free access to their markets, they will lose all trade benefits.
Canada strengthens its ties with Africa by concluding negotiations of bilateral investment treaties
On March 4, 2013, the Minister of International Trade of Canada announced the conclusion of the negotiations of Bilateral Investment Treaties with Cameroon and Zambia — home of iron ore, copper and other mineral deposits.
EU grants Cameroon banana sector 48 mln euros-radio
The money, granted in the context of Cameroon having signed an interim EPA with the EU, will be shared out to "major producing firms with plans to boost output".
European Parliament softens position on EPA trade deals
The European Union’s only directly elected body is demanding that a new trade deal between the bloc and Cameroon should not be applied to other countries in central Africa.
European Union, Cameroon sign interim trade deal
The European Union and Cameroon signed a "stepping stone" economic partnership agreement (EPA) trade deal on Thursday pending a broader regional accord with central African states.
Cameroon regrets economic agreement with EU Commission
In what looks like crying over spilt milk, Cameroon’s economic experts are spending sleepless nights seriously reflecting on the budgetary impact of the economic partnership agreement, EPA signed with the European Commission last December.
Cameroon to lose FCFA 1,036 billion to economic agreement
Experts have qualified the economic partnership agreement Cameroon signed with the European Union on December 17, 2007 as a veritable jinx that would inflict a heavy decline on customs revenue.