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Colombia farmers’ uprising puts the spotlight on seeds
On 19 August, Colombian farmers’ organisations initiated a massive nationwide strike against the government’s policies. Seeds emerged as one highly visible issue.
A struggle for survival in Colombia’s countryside
The source of this uprising lies in policies not up for discussion in the country’s current peace talks: the impact of the US-Colombia FTA – implemented in May 2012 – and policies that have similarly afflicted Colombian campesinos (small-scale farmers).
Nationwide protests rage against Colombia’s economic policies
A strike declared nearly two weeks ago in Colombia by farmers and joined later by truck drivers, health workers, miners and students spread to include protests in the cities before mushrooming into a general strike Thursday, demanding changes in the government’s economic policies.
’970’ asks why Colombia is confiscating farmers’ rice and dumping it in the garbage
In the midst of a nationwide agrarian strike, a documentary about a new law criminalizing farmers for the centuries old practice of saving the best seeds and using them for the next crop is igniting debate about the treatment of the country’s farmers.
Colombia sends military to cities after police fail to maintain protests peaceful
Colombia’s defense minister announced he’ll be sending the military to cities where police failed to maintain the peace at anti-government protests Thursday during which at least a hundred protesters were injured and dozens were arrested.
Violence in Bogota amid farm sector crisis
About 30,000 people marched peacefully in Colombia’s capital Thursday in support of a 10-day protest by small farmers against free trade agreements until pandemonium broke out.
Colombians continue protesting despite dialogue in Boyaca
Tension in Colombia will increase with another great mobilization scheduled for [today] which is expected to be massive due to the guilds that will join, including the Sudent Wide National Bureau and Workers’ Trade Union of Petroleum Industry (USO).
Colombia farmers’ strikes spread to cities
Nationwide agricultural strikes are continuing in Colombia after more than a week of ongoing roadblocks, marches and clashes with the police.
No deal on Colombia farmers’ strike after night of talks
Representatives of Colombian farmers’ groups and government ministers say they have not yet been able to reach a deal to end a 10-day strike.
Colombian government to negotiate with striking farmers
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos says his government will enter into negotiations with agricultural workers as their strike enters its ninth day.
Colombia nationwide strike against ’free trade,’ privatization, poverty
At least 200,000 people blocked roads and launched protests against a US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and devastating policies of poverty and privatization pushed by US-backed right-wing President Juan Manuel Santos.
Colombia’s growing labor struggle
Three of Colombia’s most powerful unions take action on August 19 and 20, as the spreading anger against the Colombian government reaches a new stage.
Senator considers Colombia-EU FTA harmful, illegal
The Colombia-European Union (EU) FTA will be as damaging to the country as the one signed with U.S., asserted here Senator Jorge Enrique Robledo, who called the agreement illegal and a violation of the Constitution.
FTA with European Union kicks in
Free trade agreements signed by the European Union with Panama, Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua came into force on Thursday August 1.
Colombia stalls signing the FTA with Panama
The Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ricardo Quijano said that Panama has a special interest in signing free trade agreements with Colombia and Mexico to enter the Pacific Alliance not as observers, but as a full member.
Cargill flouts law to secretly build land bank in Colombia
Investors started arriving in droves when Colombia and the US negotiated and signed a free trade agreement in May 2012 and they are now looking to acquire land.
Another non-report on human rights and free trade with Colombia
On June 14th, the Canadian government quietly tabled its second report on the human rights impacts of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The report avoids any examination of the impact of Canadian investment — including oil, gas and mining – in Colombia.
Israel, Colombia sign free trade agreement
Israel signed a free trade deal with Colombia on Monday, seeking to boost economic ties and expand its ventures in South America.
The horrific costs of the US-Colombia trade agreement
Wallach, who has been studying such agreements for twenty years with Global Trade Watch, says she has never seen the merging of a trade agreement with terror like this. Not on this scale.
Colombia, Panama work toward free trade agreement
Colombia and Panama started the seventh round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on May 28 and talks will last for four days, according to Panama’s Trade and Industry Ministry.