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Colombia, Panama work toward free trade agreement
Colombia and Panama started the seventh round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on May 28 and talks will last for four days, according to Panama’s Trade and Industry Ministry.
Costa Rica and Colombia sign free trade deal
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla on Wednesday evening penned a bilateral free trade agreement that will help pave the way for Costa Rica to become a full member of the Pacific Alliance, a Latin American trade bloc launched in 2012.
Colombia to resume peace talks with the FARC amidst US and Colombian military "saber-rattling"
US support for the peace process would imply important changes in its policy toward the militarization of Colombia, its failed war on drugs, and a revision of its Free Trade Agreements that would allow the small peasants and subsistence economy to survive.
Panama-Colombia free trade talks stall
The sixth round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between Panama and Colombia in Medellin, closed in Medellin last Friday without any agreement being reached.
Colombian trade coup a feather in Key’s sombrero
The smile on John Key’s face widened as broad as the sombrero that Juan Manuel Santos had just given him, when the Colombian President said, "We would love to have an FTA with New Zealand when they are ready to start negotiations."
Colombia keen on free trade deal with NZ
Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos says he would like to negotiate a free trade agreement with New Zealand.
Panama and Colombia to restart FTA talks
Panama and Colombia are about to restart talks on a free trade agreement From March 11-15 the sixth round of negotiations will take place In Medellin, Colombia.
Labor unions reject Colombia-South Korea FTA
The signing tomorrow of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Colombia and South Korea raised in Bogotá the rejection of the unions, which see it as an attack on the industry and the productive and agriculture sector.
FTA with South Korea is ‘a car bomb’ for Colombia’s industrial sector: Senator
One of the most popular and outspoken Colombian senators on Tuesday rebuked the pending free trade agreement (FTA) between Colombia and South Korea on the grounds that it undermines industrial potential.
Costa Rica resumes free-trade negotiations with Colombia
Officials from Costa Rica and Colombia on Monday began a fourth round of free-trade negotiations that are expected to address the most sensitive issues of market access, officials said.
Europe urges Colombia to speed up FTA
The European Union on Wednesday urged Colombia’s congress to fast track ratification of a free trade agreement signed in June and ratified by the European Parliament earlier this week.
European Parliament approves Colombia trade pact
The European Parliament on Tuesday ratified a free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru despite human and labor rights concerns.
Critics warn of EU free trade deal with Peru and Colombia
The EU is set to liberalize trade with Colombia and Peru. Human rights organisations fear that Latin American farmers will suffer.
Colombia FTA with EU may increase money laundering: Report
A free trade pact between the EU, Colombia and Peru will increase the risk of illegal money flows and capital flight, said a report Wednesday from a group of Members of the European Parliament.
FTA: the Colombian road map does not respect EP conditions
Open letter to the European Parliament from the Interantional Federation for Human Right
Death squads, murder and US corruption in Colombia
News broke this week that Francisco Santos, who served as Colombia’s VP under President Alvaro Uribe from 2002 to 2010, met three times with leaders of the right-wing paramilitary organization known as the AUC. That Santos, who openly urged AUC death squads to carry out killings, was the standard bearer for Colombia’s FTA lobbying efforts is emblematic of what the FTA is all about.
The role of bilateral investment treaties in mitigating project finance’s risks: The case of Colombia
Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) have been widely used as a warranty against political risks in developing countries. This paper analyzes the most substantive provisions of the Colombian signed BITs and the investment chapter of the US-Colombian FTA in order to determine their impact on risk mitigation.
Colombia on its way to free trade pact with China
China and Colombia begin their first steps toward a free trade agreement as well as sign several other trade agreements further promoting trade between the two countries.
Colombian steelworkers plan strikes against FTA with Turkey
Workers from Colombia’s Sintrametal metalworkers union are planning strikes and blockades to call on the government to refrain from signing the free trade agreement being negotiated with Turkey.
Free trade deal with Colombia designed to help Japanese carmakers
Japan is set to begin talks with Colombia on an economic partnership agreement in the hope that it will spur vehicle exports to the third-largest market in Latin America.