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Colombian Congress approves FTA with South Korea
The objections to Colombia’s trade deal with Seoul, which should be approved by the Executive, came from both the left-wing and the right-wing opposition, as well as part of the business sector.
Colombian Senate endorses FTA with Costa Rica
The Colombian Senate has approved a free trade agreement (FTA) with Costa Rica, a prerequisite for the Central American state to become member of the Pacific Alliance
Colombia: FTA negotiations with Japan progresses
The eighth round of negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement between Colombia and Japan took place last week in Bogotá.
Colombia has complied with US trade pact labor reforms: Minister
Colombia says it has complied with labor reforms required by US Congress as condition for their FTA but labour unions disagree.
Colombia: FTA negotiations with Japan continue
The seventh round of Economic Partnership Agreement talks, which aim at achieving an FTA between Colombia and Japan by 2015, are taking place this week in the Japanese capital.
Government ‘ignoring’ plea not to sign EU-Colombia trade deal
Aid agencies and human rights groups want Ireland to stall on signing the EU free trade agreement with Colombia which they say will put that country’s oppressed agricultural communities in peril and undermine its fragile peace process.
Latin America reacts to Israel’s massacre in Gaza
Latin American countries are now moving to sever diplomatic ties with the settler-colonial state — as some have done in the past — and Chile has already suspended its existing free trade agreements.
The UK-Colombia Bilateral Investment Treaty
The UK-Colombia Bilateral Investment Treaty that was ratified by the House of Commons on 10 July 2014 poses grave risks to the achievement of human rights and the successful implementation of agreements currently being made in the peace dialogues between the FARC guerrilla and the Colombian Government in Havana.
’Sharing is not a crime’: Why a Colombian student faces prison for posting research online
A South American biologist who found a five-year-old master’s degree thesis online, then shared it with fellow graduate students on a Web page, could spend the next eight years in prison for copyright infringement — thanks to the US-Colombia FTA.
Colombia, Japan agree to accelerate FTA process
Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and the prime minister of Japan agreed to expedite the process of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
Pending Colombia-UK investment pact ‘undermines democracy and peace prospects’
The United Kingdom’s Parliament was expected to ratify an international investment treaty with Colombia Thursday that critics claim jeopardizes Colombian reform attempts and the future of the South American nation’s ongoing peace process with the FARC rebel group, reported the The Guardian newspaper.
UK investment treaty with Colombia ’threatens fragile peace process’
Human rights groups say agreement to protect British investors empowers multinational firms and endangers land reform
Colombia Congress rejects free trade deal with South Korea
Colombia’s Congress on Tuesday voted against a signed free trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea following disappointing results of a similar deal with the United States.
Korea-Colombia free trade agreement excludes rice and rice related products, says USDA Post
USDA Post reports that South Korea’s National Assembly has ratified the Korea-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, but the FTA excludes rice and other rice related products.
NDP: Harper gov’t report on human rights abuses in Colombia is a ’sham’
The New Democratic Party and civil society groups are accusing the Harper government of whitewashing human rights abuses in Colombia in the latest report to Parliament on the impact of Canada’s free trade agreement with the South American country.
Colombia seeks to double agricultural land in five years
The Colombian government has set an ambitious goal to double the country’s agricultural land in half a decade, starting from 2015, to make the most of free trade agreements (FTA) signed with countries around the world, particularly the United States.
Colombia thrilled about Korea FTA
Colombia is set to gain a foothold in East Asia after a free trade agreement is signed with Korea.
Colombian farmers reach deal to end 11-day strike
Colombian farmers agreed on Friday to halt an 11-day strike that had threatened to damage President Juan Manuel Santos’s re-election campaign with just over two weeks left before the election.
Over 120 injured in agrarian strikes: Interior Ministry
Colombian authorities have announced that 61 policemen and 66 farmers have been injured as a result of recent confrontations during the ongoing nationwide agrarian strikes adding that they do not know who is using weapons.
Colombia’s rural strikes expand as leftists, minorities and more farmers join
One of Colombia’s largest leftist collective, farmers, indigenous people and Afro-Colombians, united in the so-called Agrarian Summit (Cumbre Agraria Campesina Etnica y Popular) has joined ongoing strikes carried out by farmers, miners and truckers in Colombia’s countryside.