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Economic Community Of West African States

Don’t endorse ECOWAS-EU economic partnership agreement , MAN tells FG
The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has admonished the federal government to withhold its endorsement of the ECOWAS-EU economic partnership agreement.
The European Union–West Africa economic partnership agreement
The benefits of the EPA between the EU and WA’s countries appear small, if not negative for West African countries.
West Africa and EU prepare towards EPA implementation
West Africa and the European Union continue to prepare for the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement — pending its signature by all member states — by putting together the necessary texts for the institutional bodies and instruments envisaged under the EPA, in order that it becomes operational immediately upon entering into force.
President Buhari calls for mutually-beneficial economic relations with Europe
Considering the mismatch of the two regions (Europe-ECOWAS) the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and Associated Trade Unions raised concerns over the negative impact of the agreement on Nigeria’s industrialisation programme.
Reps to vet EPA with EU… lament textile industry collapse
House of Representatives call for caution in the implementation of the EPA between EU and Nigeria.
EPA deal: Why manufacturers are kicking
The EU is promoting the deal to boost its trade and expand its investment in the country. But, manufacturers are opposed to the deal’s endorsement.
‘Nigeria’s problem with ECOWAS, EU deal self-inflicted’
The noise over perceived negative effects of the EPA between the European Union and ECOWAS on the Nigerian economy particularly the manufacturing sector is self-inflicted because Nigeria failed to do what it ought to do during the negotiations
EU-ECOWAS EPA: annex C on customs duties on products originating in the European Union (Oct 2015)
As released by the European Commission
EU-ECOWAS EPA: consolidated text (Oct 2015)
As released by the European Commission
The implications of CET for Nigerian products
Common External Tariff (CET) has remained an issue of strong discourse and controversy in West Africa for many years, particularly since the inception of the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations.
Mali : commerce et industrie: les mesures de défenses commerciales au centre des débats
Un atelier de formation à Bamako pour combattre des politiques commerciales agressives des entreprises à la recherche de marchés d’exportation
Nigeria to lose $1.3trn on EPA agreement
Stakeholders have warned the Federal Government against signing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and European Union (EU), noting that Nigeria risks loosing about $1.3 trillion revenue if it signs the agreement.
Abuja to host conference on economic partnership between ECOWAS, EU
An international conference designed to take a critical appraisal of the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement between Economic Community of West African States and the European Union will take place in Abuja between July 28 and 29 2015.
ECOWAS ministers dialogue on EPAs, common external tariff in Accra
The 74th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers for sub-regional bloc, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), opened here on Friday to discuss among other things the memorandum relating the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) .
ECOWAS urged to strengthen efforts to economic integration
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Hannah Tetteh, has urged the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to strengthen its efforts to promote regional economic integration and harmonise trade policies.
Experts concerned about impact of Economic Partnership Agreement on Ghana’s economy
The President of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it was not right for Ghana to have signed the agreement.
Gambia: Stakeholders discuss impact of EPA
The Gambia, one of 5 West African countries which have not yet signed the EU EPA, is sensitising people about the consequences.
Nants carpets Ecowas for signing EPA
The National Association of Nigerian Traders (Nants), on behalf of civil society groups and private sector organisations in the sub-region, has blasted leaders of the Economic Community for West African States for secretly signing the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.
West Africa farmers against EU economics, international competition
Farmers in West Africa fear being overwhelmed by industrial and agrarian products from EU countries under the ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement.