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Agreement scarce, dispute persists in SK-US free trade talks
South Korea and the US have agreed to establish a standing committee on sanitary standards for agricultural and food products, which will make it easier for the US to ask for expanded trade of genetically modified crops. However, negotiations on pharmaceuticals have hit a snag, with neither side willing to budge.
Panama upbeat on US free trade deal by year end
Panama could reach a free trade deal with the United States by the end of this year, despite lingering differences over US food safety, a senior negotiator said on Tuesday.
BIO letter to USTR on US-Korea FTA
Letter from the US Biotechnology Industry Organisation to the US Trade Representative on intellectual property, GM labelling, biosafety, GM contamination and other issues BIO wants addressed under the US-Korea FTA talks.
BIO letter to USTR on US-Malaysia FTA
Letter from the US Biotechnology Industry Organisation to the US Trade Representative on intellectual property, GM labelling, biosafety, GM contamination and other issues BIO wants addressed under the US-Malaysia FTA talks.
Korea, US at odds on two-thirds of free-trade agenda
Seoul and Washington have failed to narrow their differences on some 60 percent of items on the agenda at their first round of free-trade talks in Washington. The talks started Monday.
S. Korea, US far divided over rice, quarantine issues in FTA talks
South Korea and the United States ended the third day of their first round of talks over a free trade accord Wednesday, with both remaining far apart over rice and quarantine issues, Seoul’s chief negotiator said.
US presses Peru on farm imports before signing deal
The United States is pressing Peru to remove technical barriers to US agricultural products concerning food safety before the two countries sign a bilateral free trade deal, a senior US lawmaker said on Monday.
Panama: Wave of protests
Panamanian unions and civilian groups Friday warned they would continue pressuring the government in order to hamper signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US and support a similar pact with Chile.
Panama heats up over FTA
The resignation Wednesday of a key minister at Panama-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks added more fuel to the national atmosphere, which looks like it’s heading for a revival of the union movement.
Panama agriculture minister resigns over US talks
Panama’s agriculture minister resigned on Tuesday, alleging that a proposed free trade deal with the United States could expose the country to bird flu, foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease.
Snag hit on services: Bilateral FTA talks now at halfway point
Thailand is unlikely to gain much benefit from service sector liberalisation in a free trade area (FTA) agreement with the United States, a Thai trade negotiator says as the talks reach their halfway point.
P4 Economic Partnership Agreement - key outcomes
Press release from NZ government outlining key features of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement between Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore.
New requirement imposed on fruit exports to China
Fruit exporters seeking to enjoy tariff-free access to China must ensure that their products come from orchards certified by local authorities, starting on May 1.
When FTA spells BSE: Trading away our food safety
Australia is fortunate to be one of few countries to remain free of BSE, the degenerative brain disease in cattle that causes the deadly variant CJD in people. But the Free Trade Agreement recently signed with the United States may change this.
SPS issues and free trade agreements
While the main US goal on agriculture in many FTA negotiations often is to secure non-SPS related concessions such as lower tariffs, the foreign partners often see the FTA as an opportunity to resolve outstanding SPS issues with the US as well as seek accelerated new market access to the US for their animal and plant products.
Trading in food safety? The impact of trade agreements on quarantine in Australia
Australia has always enjoyed rigorous national food standards that were applied equally to both domestically produced and imported food. The capacity to maintain and apply these standards, however, is now being undermined by international trade agreements and procedures for settling trade disputes with a result that challenges to public health are being significantly increased.
Comparing EU free trade agreements: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
Sanitary and phytosanitary standards (SPS) are receiving increasing attention within the framework of international trade. SPS measures are meant to ensure that imports do not undermine national health and safety.