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Guatemala postpones ratification of FTA with US
The Guatemalan Congress on Wednesday postponed for at least one week the ratification of the country`s free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, following massive protests Tuesday by thousands of demonstrators.
Thousands of Guatemalans protest against ratification of FTA with US
Thousands of public-school teachers, peasants, university students and workers rallied in Guatemala City Tuesday against the imminent approval of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Trade agreement hits snag on Guatemala law
The USTR’s Office said Friday that Guatemala violated the terms of a pending Central American trade agreement with a new pharmaceutical data law the United States objects to.
Taiwan, Guatemala begin FTA talks
Minister of Economic Affairs Ho Mei-yueh signed a free trade agreement (FTA) consultation framework Tuesday with her counterpart from Guatemala, Marcio Cuevas, and began their first meeting on FTA issues.
Mayan Indians take control of Chixoy Dam
Mayans take control of Dam in Guatemala and demand retribution for massacres and a stop to construction of new hydro electric dams along the river.
Guatemala pushes FTA talks with Taiwan
Guatemalan President Oscar Berger called for his country and the Republic of China Thursday to hold talks for signing a free trade agreement as soon as possible.